‘Teen Mom 2’: What Prompted Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry’s Twitter War?

Javi Marroquin might have voluntarily left the spotlight behind, but he’s still in the public eye, and he’s dealing with a lot. A massive argument with the future Mrs. Marroquin not only prompted a visit from the police department, but the fallout is pretty far-reaching. Javi’s second baby mama, Lauren Comeau, unfollowed him on Instagram and now his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry is calling him out on Twitter. What is going on between the ex-spouses and how will it affect Marroquin’s life moving forward?

Police responded to Javi’s house

Marroquin called police on Aug. 17 to request help. Radar Online obtained the 911 call. While all seemed civil, Marroquin asked that officers be dispatched to remove someone from his home. The someone in question was Marroquin’s 31-year-old sister, Lidia. Police did respond, but all ended fine. No one was arrested.

According to an insider, Marroquin and his fiancée, Comeau got into a verbal altercation while friends were in the house. The fight got heated with other parties getting involved. It is not known where Comeau was during Marroquin’s 911 call. She was not mentioned on the recording, but the following day she deleted Marroquin from her Instagram feed and wiped the page clean of photos of him.

The pair have not mentioned if their engagement is off just yet, but there is plenty of speculation that things are over between the pair. The source who spoke to Radar alleges the couple bickers regularly, but that this particular exchange was significant.

Javi Marroquin accused Kailyn Lowry of leaking information to the press

Lowry took to Twitter to let the world know that her 26-year-old ex-husband was accusing her of leaking information about his personal matters to the media. The tweet, sent out on Aug. 21, appears to be directly referencing what happened at Javi’s house on Aug. 17.

While the 911 recording was released, both Marroquin and Comeau are staying relatively quiet about what happened between them. People who were allegedly in the home during the altercation have also remained tight-lipped about the incident. Marroquin has not commented on why he called police on his sister; he did note that the two were standing next to one another when he called for help.

Lowry claps back and threatens to air all of his dirty laundry

Lowry and Marroquin have had a tense relationship ever since they divorced in 2015. When he hooked up with Lowry’s co-star, Briana DeJesus things just got worse. Lowry then took to her podcast to tell the masses that she couldn’t stand the fact that Comeau was profiting from Teen Mom 2.

Later, Lowry accused Marroquin of only dating her for the fame, and she also accused him of airing her dirty laundry during their divorce. Now, the tables appear to have turned. Lowry claims she could sell out Marroquin and share private information, but she insists she isn’t going to.

Nevertheless, fans aren’t exactly thrilled with Lowry at the moment. Several followers commented on her tweet to let her know she was being petty, and that she needed to get control of herself. One fan even noted that Marroquin asked her a question privately and that it should have stayed private.