‘Teen Mom 2’: Why Did Jenelle Evans Call Out Leah Messer?

If Jenelle Evans is being accused of being a bad mother, she’s taking everyone down with her. The troubled mother of three has been attempting to defend herself on every social media platform known to man in recent weeks, and now instead of merely claiming she’s a good mother, she’s pointing the finger at her former castmates for their parenting failures. Two weeks ago, she highlighted Amber Portwood’s arrest on her Twitter feed, and now she’s set her sights on Leah Messer.

Jenelle Evans calls Leah a bad mom for losing custody of her kids

Jenelle Evans isn’t letting anyone say she’s a bad mother, and if that means she needs to put the spotlight on her former castmates, that’s fine with her. In a series of tweets and replies, the former reality TV star insisted that she’s a good mother and that the CPS situation was all fabricated. In fact, she went so far as to suggest anyone else who appeared on television would have their kids removed from their care, too.

She replied to a tweet stating; “If you were on TV, the same thing would happen to any of you. Obviously, all the accusations were never true and the way CPS conducted themselves was illegal. You don’t even know half the details but everyone wants to report against me when the case was dismissed for a reason.” When that wasn’t enough for fans, she decided to pull Messer into the argument. She stated that Leah must be a bad mom too, because she had her children removed from her care and then placed back with her, also. She alleges the situations were exactly the same but were they?

Messer has not commented on Evans’ statement just yet. Messer, however, did speak out against Evans and Eason after the death of Nugget.

Leah and Jenelle’s situations were completely different

While it’s true that Corey Simms, Messer’s first ex-husband, took custody of the couple’s twins back in 2015, the comparison ends there. Messer was seeking treatment for anxiety and depression. Simms made a bid for full custody while she was dealing with her treatment program. They had previously split custody 50/50.

Unlike Evans, Messer seemingly never had CPS intervene in her parenting situation. Simms and Messer went back to sharing 50/50 custody the following year. Messer opened up about the custody situation in 2018. According to Us Magazine, the mother of three noted that she and Simms are working together well as co-parents, and pretty much let the kids decide what they’d like to do.

Messer also shares a daughter with Jeremy Calvert. The couple divorced in 2015. In recent months there have been rumors swirling that Messer and Calvert are working out their relationship, much to the delight of Teen Mom 2 fans.

Why is Jenelle pointing fingers at former castmates?

Evans’ behavior should come as no surprise to fans who have followed the troubled reality star during her time on Teen Mom 2. Evans is known for trying to take the heat off of herself by drawing attention to others in her camp.

During her 2017 bid for custody of Jace, the mother of three essentially stalked and filmed her own mother. She was, allegedly, attempting to prove that Barbara Evans was drinking while caring for Jace. David Eason, who would later go on to kill the family’s 12lb French bulldog, filmed the encounter. The elder Evans later called the police when the couple followed her home.

Evans and Eason also spent the majority of their time during their custody battle trying to prove that they weren’t the worst of the bunch. They allegedly tried to dig up a criminal record on a government worker and even called the police on Barbara Evans while she was caring for their 2-year-old daughter.