‘Teen Mom 2’: Why Is Everyone Talking About the Show’s Latest Trailer?

Teen Mom 2 will return to television on Sept. 10, but MTV’s most recent trailer for the series missed the mark. The network that has housed the franchise for a decade appears to be capitalizing on marketing concept they are calling “Tantrum Tuesdays.” Not only is the concept a bit weak – everyone knows Tuesday are for tacos, not tantrums – but the trailer doesn’t even give hints to the topics that will be explored in the season. In fact, it’s hard to even make out who is who in the clips included. Fans were confused by the trailer, but at least one cast member is pretty peeved by the entire thing

Why is the Teen Mom 2 trailer causing drama?

Every year fans get a sneak peek into what they can expect from Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer, and Briana DeJesus. In years past, Jenelle Evans was part of the crowd too. Every previous trailer followed a simple format; snippets of footage were interspersed with narration to let fans know what they could expect. That’s not the case this time. 

Instead of showing fans what is going to go on in the upcoming season, the production company opted for a fast-paced trailer that included second-long snippets of each star. Between the quick clips, the production team included videos of babies and toddlers crying. Who the kids actually are remains unknown. What we do know is that they don’t belong to the current cast members. 

Kailyn Lowry took to Twitter to voice her displeasure 

Lowry, an original cast member, took to Twitter to question exactly what MTV was thinking with the trailer. Lowry shared the trailer, adding in the caption “Who are all these random kids? Who made this trailer? Ya’ll dropped the ball big time.” 

Fans shared the sentiment. Hundreds of comments on the original tweet seem to be asking the same question – who are all these kids? MTV has not commented on the trailer, or why they decided to capitalize on an untested marketing ploy. One fan noted that they watched the trailer several times in an attempt to figure out who the featured children were. 

While plenty of fans are confused, the only cast member who seems interested in discussing the trailer is Lowry. Her co-stars haven’t mentioned it on social media just yet. 

Fear not, a full trailer exists 

MTV’s Twitter trailer was clearly a big miss, but it’s not the only trailer for the upcoming season. A longer, more in-depth trailer was posted to the network’s YouTube channel last week. The much longer clip has removed all the random crying children and follows the format of previous trailers. 

Based on the extended trailer, fans can expect to see the possibility of a romance budding between Messer and her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert. Fans will also watch Lowry move into her new home, and they will get a re-introduction to Jade Cline. Cline was added to the roster when Evans was axed by the network. She had previously started on Young & Pregnant. Chelsea’s blissful life with Cole and Briana’s destructive relationship with her daughters’ fathers has also been caught on camera.