‘Teen Mom’ Alum Farrah Abraham Reveals She Makes Everyone She Dates Sign an NDA

Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham isn’t taking any chances. The reality TV star makes everyone she dates sign a non-disclosure agreement, she revealed to Us Weekly in an interview published on September 10. She also chatted about what she’s looking for in a partner, whether she’d like to have more kids, and if her 10-year-old daughter Sophia knows about her mom’s work in adult films. 

Farrah Abraham is cautious about who she gets involved with 

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent Abraham at the Venice Film Festival | Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

The 28-year-old Abraham has spent a decade in the limelight, and she’s learned some tough lessons about the importance of keeping her private life private. 

“I definitely know what I’m looking at now when it comes to personalities and behavior and human behavior,” Abraham said. “I don’t take any chances anymore. They sign NDAs. They’re not allowed to call press or other people, be friends with reporters. I take it really serious.”

“For the majority of athletes and sports players that I date now, I haven’t had any of those issues these past two years,” she added. 

The former ‘Teen Mom’ star is looking for a ‘great human being’ 

Aside from being willing to cope with the special requirements of dating someone famous, Abraham’s other list of must-haves for a potential partner is pretty normal. 

“What am I looking for in a partner? I would say a partner who is well-rounded, loves my daughter,” she said. 

“And loves dogs,” the 16 and Pregnant star’s daughter Sophia chimed in. 

Abraham also said she wanted to be with a person who was fun and outgoing. “I’m sure all of us who are single, which there’s so many of us, are looking for a great human being, but there’s very few,” she added.  

Will she have more kids? 

When asked is she wanted to expand her family, Abraham was non-committal. “I just really hope I meet a human that’s great enough to [have kids] with … but I’m in no rush. I’m OK being married to myself at this point,” she said. 

But Sophia was definitely on board with the idea of being a big sister, saying that she wanted to have a baby brother. 

Right now, Abraham says she’s focused on her daughter. “Sophia is my one and only right now. We have a happy family, we’re great right now,” she explained. 

The author of the memoir My Teenage Dream Ended also revealed that she’s spoken to Sophia about her career in adult entertainment and explained that women are judged differently than men for their actions. 

“I talk to her about me having sex with a pornstar, yes,” she said. “I’m a celebrity, so it was taken way out of context, wasn’t it? It was sensationalized. So I think if you’re confused about something, my daughter is very much not confused about how the world sees it.”  

Fans are concerned about the way she raises her daughter 

While Abraham says her main focus is her daughter, she’s been criticized on social media for her parenting decisions. Sophia makes frequent appearances on her mom’s social media, and some people have slammed Abraham for letting her daughter skip school to attend events like New York Fashion Week, where the tween walked the catwalk in a runway show. 

Others worry that Abraham is sexualizing her child. When Sophia posed for a photo on social media in a sports bra, people warned her mom about “creepers” and said she was “too young to be dressing like that.” And a recent Instagram post had followers up in arms after they became convinced that Abraham was impersonating Sophia on Instagram