‘Teen Mom’ Fans Are Telling Farrah Abraham’s Daughter to ‘Put That Dog Down’ on Instagram

There are plenty of controversial Teen Mom stars, but Farrah Abraham might be the most well-known of all. While the 28-year-old got her start on 16 and Pregnant, she attained even more fame and infamy via Teen Mom OG. Unfortunately, disagreements with MTV got her removed from the show, but she’s retained her heavy following (and scrutiny) thanks to her presence on social media.

It’s not just Farrah who’s on social media, either. Her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, also has her own social media pages that Farrah oversees. And Sophia’s recent Instagram post showing her holding a small dog has fans up in arms given what happened to the family’s dog last summer. Here’s why followers are upset.

Farrah Abraham claims her dog, Blue, died of stress

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7/18/2018 I had to share this as this doesn’t even seem real tonight we lost a best friend,a little brother to my daughter & most adorable Pomeranian BLUE, I remember like yesterday bringing him home to Sophia from Florida and having Blue in our lives for 5 years now brought such a sense of love, support, relief, joy, fun & so much more I’ll be grateful for the rest of my life. As a single mom this little guy has been my right hand man through everything and you all have shown so much love to BLUE over the years that’s it’s surreal we are even having to say he passed away tonight at around 8:35pm after being put down around his dog door to go out to potty on his balcony and literally no noise! no signs! and Sophia sees him just stop moving and she try’s to figure out what is going on & yells for me I’m in disbelief and she hands me my half limp Blue -thinking low sugar, we grab syrup and water, his eyes looking at me as if he’s talking but his tongue can’t move and his body can’t but I see in his eyes he loves seeing his water and food and light of all the food and I feel his heart beating and we’re giving him love but as his body goes limper we call the Emergencey vet and rush to the Emergencey hospital and no heart beat found was found- were incredibly blessed to of had one of the cutest most best friends in the world with Blue he’s is a little star and forever will be in our hearts. I always said if he ever passed I would stuff him and put him on my shelf so I hope for our memory of our best friend BLUE to be brought back home soon again thanks to pet taxidermy, We love and cherish BLUE and learn so much from our dog passing away , with out a sound BLUE forever loved. I’m very proud of Sophia saying her good byes and loving her best friend and little brother so much – from tag, to sleeping together the memories melt my heart . Loosing your family’s best friend is awful and Sophia & I have had many firsts but I never thought a first like this would ever happen.♥️ #RIPBLUE

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Not only has Farrah made a splash due to the way she conducted herself on Teen Mom, but she also has had several run-ins with the law. And we can’t forget that there was a ton of controversy surrounding the death of her dog, Blue, too. People reported back in the summer of 2018 that Farrah posted about the death of her pomeranian. Farrah wrote that the dog died, “after being put down around his dog door to go out to potty on his balcony and literally no noise! no signs! and Sophia sees him just stop moving and she try’s to figure out what is going on & yells for me I’m in disbelief and she hands me my half limp Blue [sic].”

As for what occurred with Blue, Farrah told Radar Online that the dog died from stress. Building construction was allegedly stressing him out, so when Sophia picked the dog up to place him on the balcony to go to the bathroom, he went into shock and died from a lack of oxygen.

Many suspect Sophia Abraham had a hand in the dog’s death

Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia Laurent Abraham
Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia Laurent Abraham | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Sophia reportedly loved Blue, and as seen in the Instagram video Farrah posted regarding the dog’s death, the child was visibly upset. Many suspect Sophia may have had a hand in the dog’s death, however. OK! Magazine notes Sophia (or perhaps Farrah acting as Sophia’s voice) took to Music.ly to comment on the unfortunate event. “I was getting Blue to go outside and my only choice was to toss him outside. And then I did but then he went into shock and 30 seconds later he passed with no heart beat,” the child wrote.

Many fans took this as a sort of admission that Sophia had a hand in the dog’s death, though Farrah maintains it was the stress from the building construction that caused Blue to die. As Farrah also told Radar Online, “Sophia was stressed from the unexplainable tragedy and like I at the time couldn’t say or process clearly.” After that, Farrah also claimed she would be getting Blue taxidermied. “It will not be easy for Sophia, but she is very excited to get Blue back once he is through the preservation process. We have to wait 6 months. No one can blame a child who is the best child to their best friend Blue.”

Sophia’s followers are warning her to stay away from the dog in this Instagram post

It looks like Farrah and Sophia’s followers still aren’t over the tragedy. Recently, Farrah posted a photo of Sophia on Sophia’s account of the child holding a famous pomeranian named Kato — and fans were quick to remind everyone of past events. “Put that dog down and let it run far away from you!” one follower commented. Another added, “Don’t try to kill him.” And others on Kato’s Instagram commented, “Definitely wouldn’t want her touching my dog.”

We may never really get the full story on what happened with Blue, but it appears both Sophia and Farrah have moved on. And it also appears Sophia hung out with this new pomeranian without any fatal disasters, so her followers can breathe a sigh of relief.

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