Fans Tell ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Daughter to Look for a New Mother

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is often slammed for her parenting. Most of the negative comments are posted on her Instagram page. Since Farrah’s daughter, Sophia, looks at her mom’s page, some fans leave messages for her there. Some of the messages are downright hateful, while others are words of warning and some are words of encouragement. Many of those warnings are sarcastic, but some fans are truly concerned about how Sophia is being raised. Some have even suggested she look for a new mother.

Fans think Farrah Abraham is only using her daughter to promote herself

Farrah’s daughter has her own Instagram page, but it’s managed by Farrah. Fans noticed that a lot of the posts refer to Farrah and what she has been up to. Some commented that Farrah seems to be using Sophia as a tool for generating publicity. “I feel @farrahabraham uses her daughter to get fame. Shame on you,” wrote the fan.

A fan told Sophia Abraham to start praying

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Teen Mom fans have complained forever about the photos Farrah posts of herself where she’s either wearing lingerie or completely naked. Fans are worried about the fact that Farrah doesn’t seem to care about the content her daughter is seeing on her page. Commenters on Instagram also shared concerns about Farrah’s lifestyle, saying her partying ways aren’t appropriate for the mother of a young child. One commenter said she hoped Sophia would get a new mom to raise her. She posted, “Baby girl, go to bed and pray hard for a new mom and daddy.”

Others said Farrah is a poor example for her daughter. “You talk about being a woman of value. This is something you definitely are not and not teaching your daughter what a real woman of value is. And why is it so hard for you to let this little girl enjoy her childhood without having to work?!” asked one commenter.

Is Farrah Abraham making Sophia a target for pedophiles?

Fans are concerned for Sophia’s safety. They fear that Farrah is putting her daughter at risk by allowing her to have social media accounts and wear what some refer to as skimpy clothes. One example is an Instagram post of Sophia in tight yoga pants and a bra top. Here’s what one fan had to say:

Farrah does an excellent job discrediting herself. Her, her attitude, and the crap she allows her daughter to do when she is nowhere near old enough. What kind of a parent allows their child at Sophia’s age to be on social media and wear some of the inappropriate clothes and take inappropriate pictures of them? Try zero. And the parents that have done that guaranteed have a criminal record and the ones that don’t have a criminal record haven’t been caught yet. Almost all parents try to protect their children from pedophiles and not put them out there and in a position for them to be hurt. I won’t apologize for having morals and standards and neither should anyone else.

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