‘Teen Mom’ Fans Slam Farrah Abraham For Allowing Her Daughter to Be in Beauty Pageants

When it comes to parenting, most Teen Mom fans feel that Farrah Abraham needs a few pointers. Fans of the show are constantly questioning Abraham’s moves, from her jobs to her clothes to the way she parents her only child, Sophia. Now, Abraham’s recent Instagram post about her daughter doing beauty pageants has fans speaking out once more.

Farrah Abraham and daughter, Sophia
Farrah Abraham and her daughter, Sophia | Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

Abraham has been a single mom since Sophia was born

For as long as Sophia has been alive, Abraham has been raising her as a single parent. On Abraham’s episode of 16 and Pregnant, she hardly ever mentioned Sophia’s father. However, once Teen Mom started filming, she opened up a bit about her past with him. Derek Underwood, Sophia’s father, died in car accident back in 2008, before Sophia was born. Abraham and Underwood weren’t together at the time; they had broken up when she was five months pregnant. Today, Abraham does her best to keep Underwood’s memory in her daughter’s life.

Fans have long questioned Abraham’s parenting techniques

Since Abraham first began appearing on Teen Mom, fans have questioned the way she parents her daughter. Sophia is often smothered by both Abraham and her mother on the show, and she doesn’t have a close relationship with Underwood’s mother. (However, Abraham does bring Sophia to see Derek’s father and step-mother a few times each year.) Sophia refers to her father as “Daddy Derek” rather than just “Dad,” which fans have also questioned. When Sophia posted a collage to Instagram in memory of her father, fans were shocked to see that Sophia had read the newspaper article regarding the alcohol that others were drinking in Underwood’s car at the time of the crash.  

People slammed Abraham for allowing her daughter to compete in pageants

Abraham recently posted a photo of her daughter after she competed in a beauty pageant on Father’s Day. She wrote how proud she was of Sophia and that she is “becoming a woman of value.” One user wrote, “I’m curious what your definition is off [sic] the word ‘value’ do you think your life emulates ‘value’ to your daughter?” Another user wrote, “[A woman of value] is something you definitely are not… And why is it so hard for you to let this little girl enjoy her childhood without having to work?!” The comments were filled with criticism of the way Abraham parents Sophia, especially since Sophia is only 10.

People are concerned Abraham is a bad influence on her daughter

Sophia has an Instagram account, which means she sees everything her mother posts. And that includes the inappropriate photos Abraham often adds to her feed. People are concerned that she’s creating an image of life for her daughter that doesn’t represent women of value at all. Fans worry that the life Sophia is being exposed to is one that she is learning very little from in terms of how to be her best self. People often criticize Abraham for selling her body to make money and worry that Sophia’s exposure to that life may lead her to do the same.

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