Why ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Isn’t Visiting Her Family for the Holidays

Former “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham says she isn’t going to visit her family for the holidays. In the eighth installment of what she calls her docu-comedy series, Abraham says this time of year she’s going to do her own thing. Here’s why.

Farrah Abraham spent some quality time with her dad at his wedding

Farrah Abraham |  Bryan Steffy/WireImage
Farrah Abraham | Bryan Steffy/WireImage

Farrah Abraham might not be spending the holidays with her family, but she did get a chance to see them at her father’s wedding this past October. Abraham’s father, Michael, married his girlfriend Amy Blake on her family’s llama ranch in Texas, reports People magazine.

Why Farrah Abraham isn’t visiting her family for the holidays

Farrah Abraham |  gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images
Farrah Abraham | gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Abraham says she makes her own decisions about how she spends the holidays. She isn’t giving in to the pressure to visit family and follow holiday traditions. Abraham explains more in her docu-comedy:

There’s no rules about what Thanksgiving is anymore to me… A lot of my single momsies were like, ‘Even if I’m dating someone, I’m not going to go spend Thanksgiving with their family.’ We run our households. No matter how big or small our families are, I would have to say, well this year we’re not even going to be home for Thanksgiving, but we’re also not going to be visiting family for Thanksgiving.

Abraham said a lot of her family members are asking why she isn’t coming to visit for Thanksgiving or Christmas. The former “Teen Mom” star said it’s a different time, and she doesn’t feel she has to conform to the rules of the season. “It’s just a different year. Domestic goddesses don’t have to be so predictable,” said Abraham.

Big holiday crowds annoy Farrah Abraham

Abraham also told her subscribers she’s not a big fan of crowds around the holidays. She tries her best to steer clear of them if she can. For her, big holiday crowds are annoying.“I have a big family, but I think big groups of people who are really crazy and loud around the holidays–it magnifies in my head and annoys me.”

Farrah Abraham says she’s going to stay single this holiday

Abraham says the holidays are the time of year when men tend to cheat. That’s why she has decided to remain single. “’Tis the season for boys to cheat, right?” said Abraham in her video. She then gave an example, saying she sees a lot of men engaging in “eye cheating” at the mall:

Why are all of these men coyly eye cheating on their girlfriends or wives? They’re even holding their babies. The dads come to the mall with the babies and the mom and they’re eye cheating and staring at everything. They won’t actually comment, they won’t do the scandalous stuff behind your back, but they sure will still eye cheat on you right with you and in front of you. That’s why for the holidays, this prize is going to be single.

Abraham says she hasn’t had that issue of a man “eye cheating” on her, but she has seen this situation take place at the mall. She says she doesn’t look back at the men or participate in the cheating because she’s a “girl’s girl.” She says these men should focus instead on buying things for their children and wife.  

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