Despite Backlash, ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Has Support from Fierce Defenders

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham faces a lot of criticism. Many Teen Mom viewers take to social media to express their disapproval of her lifestyle. It’s not unusual to see shocking comments about her on her Instagram page. However, there are some fans who try to stick up for Abraham, even if they risk getting slammed, too. Here’s what some of Abraham’s fierce defenders had to say.

One fan said Farrah Abraham is a good example for Sophia

Farrah Abraham and her daughter Sophia Abraham | Jacopo Raule/Getty Images
Farrah Abraham and her daughter Sophia Abraham | Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Although Abraham’s parenting has been criticized, some people think she’s doing a fantastic job as a mom. Some say the former Teen Mom is a bad example because of her lifestyle, but this fan doesn’t agree. Rather, she feels Abraham is a good example of a strong woman. “Love you, Farrah. Don’t care what others say about you, I respect the fact that you’re a single mom doing your thing and showing your daughter what a strong independent [woman] looks like. You’re inspiring to me, Farrah. Keep doing what you’re doing. You have a fan in me,” wrote the fan.

Another Farrah Abraham fan said she admires her lack of concern for the haters

One thing fans and haters can agree on is that Abraham doesn’t seem to pay attention to the hate she receives. She just goes on with her life and continues to do what she pleases. One of her fans said this is exactly why she admires her. She doesn’t like some of the things the star does, but she expressed her support. “I don’t agree with some of the things you do but it’s your life, not mine! l love that you are strong-willed and don’t care what people think of you,” shared the fan on Instagram.

Fans want to inspire Farrah Abraham

Another fan agreed with the above commenter, saying she had a lot of admiration for Abraham because of the way she handles her haters. She continued by offering encouragement and saying she wants to inspire the reality star. “Farrah, I admire your ability to ignore these ignorant people who continue to harass you. Just keep going and continue to love yourself. I hope you read this because I want this message to keep inspiring you.”

Others bashed followers who participated in tearing Farrah Abraham down

When unsavory comments about Abraham started to fly, some of her fans jumped in to defend her. One fan criticized a follower who agreed with someone who made an unflattering comment about the former Teen Mom star. The fan said this person was setting a poor example for her children. “…You agree to clapping hands upon rude comments. You agree and take part in all the mockery of her life. Obviously, you teach your children that when you don’t agree or like someone, then it’s okay to bash them?”

Farrah Abraham gets a lot of hate, but she does have her fans to back her up when things get heated on social media. During an interview with Logan Paul on his “Impaulsvie” podcast, Abraham said she makes a point to ignore her haters. “I ignore the hate. I’m doing better and better every year,” she said.

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