‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Included Her Father in a Rare Moment on Instagram

We know Farrah Abraham best for her time on Teen Mom OG, as she proved to be one of the most polarizing castmembers the franchise has ever seen. From the way she chooses to raise her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, to her choices to enter the adult film industry and promote plastic surgery, Farrah continues to make friends and enemies with her postings on social media. We often see Sophia featured on Farrah’s Instagram, too, even while the star’s parents are largely missing from her social media platforms.

Shockingly, Farrah recently added a video of her getting along with her father, Michael, whom we haven’t seen much of since the Teen Mom days. Here’s what recent events led him to get featured.

Farrah Abraham has a complicated relationship with her mother

When Teen Mom OG included Farrah, we learned a lot about her family over the years. While she and her father seemed to have an OK relationship, it was Farrah’s relationship with her mother, Debra Danielsen, that was a source of controversy. Danielsen was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse back in 2010 after Farrah, who was just 18 at the time, claimed her mother hit her and grabbed her by the throat. Danielsen denies any wrongdoing and also claims Farrah mentally abuses her.

Not only that, but it seems Danielsen has also talked about wanting to gain custody of Sophia due to Farrah’s issues. It seems Danielsen doesn’t agree with Farrah’s decision to homeschool Sophia and wishes the child could be around kids her own age.

Today, we’ll occasionally see Danielsen featured on Farrah’s Instagram page, but we’re not sure where the two really stand.

Her father, Michael, recently got remarried

Farrah Abraham attends the 71st Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater
Farrah Abraham attends the 71st Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

We may not be too sure where Farrah stands with her mother, but she appears to be in good standing with her father. People reports Michael Abraham recently remarried, and Farrah was in attendance as his “best woman.” Micheal married Amy Blake on a llama ranch owned by his now-wife’s family in Texas and commented to People on the big day and his relationship with Farrah now.

As Michael said, “We have gone through and grown in our father-daughter relationship and have overcome so much in a positive way.” He then went on to call Farrah a “model example of a strong, successful woman” and praised his daughter for accepting those who are different than her.

Not only was Farrah involved in the wedding, but Sophia was as well. Michael’s granddaughter was the couple’s flower girl along with Blake’s two granddaughters.

Farrah included her father in an Instagram video

According to People, Michael said it’s Farrah and Sophia who are planning his honeymoon, so it seems he certainly trusts his daughter. And it looks like Farrah is equally as excited about her father’s wedding. “My dad’s about to get married for the third time!” Farrah exclaimed in this Instagram video with Michael in the background. And she captioned the video with, “I’m still in shock after this big day! Congrats Dad! & to my new step monster Amy! Legit the best #toga wedding/party I’ve ever witnessed and WOW 🤩 being a #bestwoman was everything! I gotta say my dad is really showing #womenempowerment to the highest power.”

It looks like “step monster” is a term of endearment and friendly teasing from Farrah, as it seems she truly is happy for her father. And it seems Farrah’s fans are also supportive. “Congratulations to your Dad.. 3rd times a charm!” one follower commented. Another added, “Awww this is so sweet! Can’t wait to see more pics/videos!”

It’s nice to see the Abraham family getting along, especially after past turmoil. Congratulations to Michael!

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