Haters Explain Why They Follow ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham on Instagram

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is no stranger to unflattering Instagram comments from people all over the Internet. However, many of her fans fired back at the haters, saying they’re just jealous of the reality star. Could that be why random people light up Farrah’s Instagram feed with negative comments and tell her daughter, Sophia, to look for a new mom? Here’s why some people follow Farrah Abraham even though they don’t like her. 

Why do haters follow Farrah Abraham on Instagram if they don’t like her?

Farrah Abraham | Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images
Farrah Abraham | Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

A common question that often comes up is why Farrah’s critics follow her on Instagram if they don’t like her. One fan asked the haters why they choose to remain an Instagram follower if they’re so bothered by Farrah and her lifestyle. “People hate on her yet follow her. You all seem jealous. At the end of the day, you don’t have to follow her Instagram just to be judgmental,” he wrote.

Some said they follow Farrah Abraham for the entertaining comments

A couple of commenters wrote that they only lurk on Farrah’s page because they want to see the outrageous comments. “I’m just here for the comments! I have never seen someone on social media hated as much as her. I never seen on social media anyone liking their own posts either,” said one commenter. It seems like the comments are a big draw, because a lot of people who dislike the former Teen Mom star seem to be following her.

Some come to Farrah Abraham’s Instagram for the drama

There are quite a few people on Instagram who like the drama that seems to surround Farrah’s life. For them, viewing her wild pictures and seeing what she’s up to is entertaining. In response to fans asking why some people follow if they don’t approve of Farrah, one person said he likes to watch a “train wreck.” The commenter said, “Why do you follow, why do you follow? Because she is a TRAIN FREAKING WRECK!”

One fan said most of the comments are from women trying to tear each other down

Farrah Abraham | Vincent Sandoval/WireImage
Farrah Abraham | Vincent Sandoval/WireImage

Throughout the years there has been a lot of talk about women supporting other women. You certainly won’t find that on Farrah’s Instagram page. A fan observed that most of the hatred directed toward Farrah was from other women. “Very sad how the majority of the hateful comments here are from all women,” she noted.

A Teen Mom viewer said those who take time to send Farrah hateful messages must have boring lives

Farrah Abraham |  Aaron Davidson/WireImage
Farrah Abraham | Aaron Davidson/WireImage

Another fan said people who take the time out of their day to visit Farrah’s page and make mean comments must not be that busy. She assumed they must have a lot of time on their hands, so they decide to bully reality stars to pass the time. “Here we go with all the people that have boring lives and below average looks ganging up on someone who is obviously doing more and better,” said the commenter.

A fan said followers should either stop complaining about Farrah’s pictures or unfollow her

Apparently, some page visitors have a hard time hitting the “unfollow” button. They might not like Farrah, but something just compels them to keep following her. One fan said those people have to make a choice: either stop complaining or unfollow. “I don’t get it. If people don’t like her, just unfollow and get on with your lives. It’s not as if she is a politician that is ramming dangerous rhetoric down people’s throats,” she said. “Why so much hate? Don’t like Farrah? Then get off her Instagram and stop making rude comments,” said another fan.

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