‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham: 4 Instagram Posts That Shocked and Worried Fans

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is often in the spotlight. Unfortunately, some of that attention has been because of comments or actions fans considered controversial. Here are four times Farrah Abraham’s Instagram posts left fans shocked and worried.

1. Farrah Abraham confessed she once left Sophia in a store

Farrah Abraham | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images
Farrah Abraham | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Teen Mom fans were alarmed after Abraham posted an Instagram message to promote memory-enhancement product Focus Factor. In her post, she said she once left her daughter in a store, so that’s why she needs this product. One follower was so shocked by what she read that all she could write was, “Seriously, Farrah?” Here’s what Abraham posted:

Ladies (and men): Ever returned to your car and realized you’ve left your child in the store! Omg, this happened once, but since starting @focus.factor Extra Strength there’s no way that will happen! This stuff improved my concentration, memory, and focus majorly! You know I’m momma #1, this gal is getting Sh#% done! Go check out focusfactor.com.

2. Farrah Abraham revealed what seemed to be a totally different face

Abraham recently posted an Instagram video in which she spoke about wanting to do her own reality show. Many followers commented on how different she looked and wondered if she had additional work done on her face. Abraham had two procedures done on her face back in 2012, reports E! Online. The reality star unveiled the results in an issue of In Touch Weekly and discussed the upgrades she made (rhinoplasty and chin implant). “I’ve hated my nose since I was 13,” she told the publication.

3. One of Farrah’s Instagram videos caused followers to become concerned for Sophia

In her Instagram video, Farrah posted a commercial she taped for water-resistant ear buds. In the video she can be seen walking by the pool and listening to music. She’s also shown swimming and getting out of the pool. In another scene, Farrah is sitting by the pool and enjoying the sun. Then the scene cuts to Farrah’s daughter, Sophia. She yells to her mom, saying, “Mom, can you help me with my homework?” Farrah responds, “Can you give me five minutes?” She then proceeds to continue listening to music as she works on her tan.

Although it was just a commercial, Teen Mom fans didn’t think Farrah and Sophia’s interaction was funny.  Fans posted angry messages, saying they weren’t happy with how Farrah was treating her daughter in the commercial. “I don’t get it…you just keep ignoring her again and again in favor of a perfect tan or earbuds?” said one commenter.

4. Farrah Abraham posted a topless photo of herself

Another Instagram post that got a lot of attention is a topless photo of Abraham. She did cover herself with a cup of soda and a sandwich from In-N-Out Burger, but that was it. Some followers felt Abraham was setting a poor example for her daughter by posting these kinds of photos. If you’re curious about the photo, you can see it on her Instagram page here.

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