Fans Want to Know If ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Is OK

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is very active on social media. As of this writing, she has more than 2 million Instagram followers and more than 145,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. One thing fans noticed is Abraham seems to be acting different lately. Her recent videos have social media followers worried something is wrong. Here’s why Farrah Abraham’s fans are concerned.

Farrah Abraham made a video about Sophia that had fans worried

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images
Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Abraham recently made a video for her YouTube channel in which she said her daughter, Sophia, was “manipulative.” The reality star seemed very upset, saying “I’ve hit the wall tonight.” Abraham labeled the video a “docu-comedy.” Earlier, she announced on Instagram she would be starring in a Domestic Goddess tour, and this video is supposed to be the first part of her lineup.

Abraham continued by saying she doesn’t like people who make excuses. “Excuse makers; I don’t raise them, I don’t want them in my life, I can’t stand them. If I don’t know you and you make excuses, I want to do something to you and just get you out of my life,” said Abraham in her video. “I’m going to go on a tirade because I’m no longer going to allow my daughter to think that she can manipulate me. My family did it, my parents did it to me, and not my child. I can only handle so much before I crack,” added Abraham.

Farrah Abraham made another video that confused fans

In another video, Abraham said she missed confessionals. She also said she “makes America great again,” and that she should have her own reality show. Some fans said they were confused and didn’t understand what message Abraham was trying to send with her Instagram video clip. She posted the full video to YouTube but later deleted it.

Is Farrah Abraham in therapy?

In a 2018 interview with Jenny McCarthy, Abraham said she handles the negativity she receives from people on social media by going to therapy, meditating, and staying close to her faith. We’re not sure if she’s just joking (this is a “docu-comedy”, after all), but in her recent YouTube video, Abraham said she no longer goes to therapy. “I waste no energy because the people who bring me to counseling should actually be in counseling. Now I’m saving more money. No therapy; I don’t need it anymore,” said Abraham.

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