‘Teen Mom’ Fans are Concerned That Farrah Abraham Is Using Her Daughter Sophia to Film Her Sexy Videos

The battle between Farrah Abraham and the fans of Teen Mom has been going on ever since Abraham first appeared on the show. She was one of the most controversial cast members up until MTV let her go in 2017.

Abraham rose to fame as a mom, first on 16 and Pregnant and then moving on to Teen Mom. So, when she got into making adult content, it was hard for fans who had known her from the parenting show to understand what she was doing. Abraham has since ramped up the sex appeal on her social media channels and often posts suggestive videos of herself. Now, people are getting worried that her 11-year-old daughter Sophia might be the one recording them.

Sophia Abraham and Farrah Abraham
Sophia Abraham and Farrah Abraham | Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

The video that has fans concerned

Even the most innocent of videos on Abraham’s page typically have some aspect of sexiness to them, whether it’s an aerial shot of Abraham in a bikini or water splashing on her seductively. So, fans have found it awkward when Sophia randomly appears amid all of the water splashing and sun-tan lotion rubbing.

Abraham recently made a video to celebrate the first day of summer.

“The longest day of the year!” she captioned the video. “It’s officially summer!!!! What a day & it’s been the best with family, friends & taking time for me, my meditation series I had to share on here it’s my mood 🦋🌎🙏🏼 enjoy & be safe this summer.”

The video starts out with Abraham enjoying some time in the pool. Afterward, the camera follows her as she walks over to sit on a lounge chair. The camera then films several shots of Abraham where the focus of the shot is clearly her butt.

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Is Sophia filming these videos?

Sophia appears in a lot of her mom’s videos. So when she wasn’t in the initial shots of this one, fans started wondering if she was behind the scenes.

“Let me guess, Sophia recorded this,” one fan commented on the video.

And others weren’t so kind.

“Is this a parody?” another person wrote. “Why didn’t Sophia get credit for filming the video? When will Farrah change her diaper? Why did Jigsaw make a guest appearance? So. Many. Questions.”

“Of course you just HAVE to wear a thong and a display your fake diaper butt in your ‘meditation’ video,” another user commented. “You’re a joke. Who was the bright one who came up with this new ‘business’ idea? Oh wait- that’d be you Charlene, I mean Farrah. Tell Sophia good job filming.” 

Farrah’s adult entertainment career

Abraham has never shied away from promoting her sexiness, even when it cost her her Teen Mom job.

View this post on Instagram

IT’S OFFICIAL @sophialabraham HAS GRADUATED ! Congratulations Sophia! You are off to middle school! WOW! Celebrating this moment with a surprise FaceTime photoshoot with your favorite photographer @danigeddes I’m grateful to see you grow up to a well rounded awesome female who is going to change the world, as your mom who has fought to overcome negative stigmas about windowed teen moms and strived hard to raise a girl who is open to all cultures, stop abuse, stop hate, stop racism,better communication, learning history of hardships before your time and knowing the change in generations of our family that were so needed, not loosing your time to be a child among all the fame, popularity and opportunities you have I’ m blessed you have helped me break the cycle of teen pregnancy, racism, discrimination, enable woman’s voices of all ages to be heard with equality when I see most older generations of men & woman took advantage of widowed, struggling teen mom minority voice (1.96%) of the nation . As part of a one percent minority Sophia thank you for giving me the strength to advocate for teen moms, children of single parents and woman overall. As I feel teen moms and children should never succumb to a mans mediocracy of what a woman should do and thus all woman & children should never dull their shine, nor attack one another for a mans gain to make others feel comfortable the strength & the wisdom God gave me to take responsibility as a mom and dad to do the right thing for our futures I’m so proud and blessed for the learning and change we have progressed to- I hope other woman can find the strength to not shame others due to their short Commings and weaknesses rather increase mindful self awareness & progress as we have! Sophia you know who you are & i’m so proud that your bringing so much good around the globe with your fans in Australia, Canada, America, Asia, Dubai, Greece,etc all from a struggling widowed teen mom in Iowa, GOD IS AMAZING & The only man you need ❤️☀️ LOVE YOU ! & know Your Daddy Derek watches your success & loves you his little angel & All of our family loves you & is beyond proud! Now go enjoy your summer! Middle Schooler

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When she was let go from the franchise, she bashed them for trying to shame her.

“Sad such a phenomenal show will no longer have its biggest talent on the show because of women-hating, sex-shaming, hate crimes, selfish, Weinstein company power trip behaviors against a professional hard working, honest mother,” she wrote on her Facebook at the time.

Since then, Abraham has ramped up the sexy videos and continues to do whatever she wants regardless of what people think or how many times fans tell her it’s an inappropriate way to raise her daughter.