‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham May Have Just Disrespected an Entire Culture With This Instagram Post

Jenelle Evans may be the Teen Mom star we hear about most frequently these days, but we can’t forget when Farrah Abraham was the most controversial cast member of the franchise. Farrah made a name for herself early on via MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. When she later joined the Teen Mom OG cast, that’s when much of her drama spiked, as everything from her parenting advice to the way she talked to her own mother was up for scrutiny.

Nowadays, we’re keeping up with Farrah on social media — and she posted a controversial video that many viewed as completely disrespectful to Muslims. Here’s what happened.

Farrah Abraham posted a video of herself in a bikini while on a trip to Dubai

We’re not completely sure how Farrah’s making enough money to go on trips around the world with her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, but the ex-MTV star makes it happen. And in the beginning of June, she posted a video of herself in a bikini while relaxing on a yacht in Dubai. “FARRAH FRIDAY #DUBAI,” she captioned the post, and she also added plenty of other hashtags to let everyone know she was a part of a huge yacht party.

We’re not really sure why Farrah was in Dubai, but she certainly didn’t shy away from the camera while she was there. She added a few photos from the trip to the ‘gram, and it looked like she may have been sponsored to be there by the fashion brand prettylittlething. Unfortunately, fans weren’t too kind to her photos, as they accused her of looking fake, photoshopped, and plastic. Many also suggested Farrah heads to Dubai when she’s out of money and looking to make some extra casg — but we’re not so sure that’s valid, either.

A follower commented that her video was disrespectful to the Muslim holiday, Ramadan

While Farrah was busy posting about her adventures in the United Arab Emirates, one of her Instagram followers quickly took to the video she posted to remind her that her activity abroad may be considered incredibly rude to the Muslim culture. “IF THIS WAS TAKEN BEFORE JUNE 3RD, THAT WAS DURING RAMADAN. As we grew up in the Middle East and gulf area, this incredibly inappropriate and in some cases, illegal altogether! [sic]” the commenter wrote.

We can’t forget that Ramadan is a holy month and is celebrated amongst Muslims. Vox reminds us Muslims believe that during this month, God showed Mohammed the first verses of the sacred Quran texts, and those who partake in the holy month fast from dawn to sunset each day. The publication also notes in some Muslim countries, it’s illegal to eat and drink in public while the month is being celebrated. And it’s also recommended that women dress conservatively during this time as well.

Could Farrah really have gotten arrested?

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

So, could Farrah’s bikini-clad ways really have landed her in jail if the video was taken during Ramadan? It’s doubtful. While it may have shown a lot of disrespect to the culture for wearing such a revealing outfit during the holy time, we doubt a foreigner would be arrested for wearing a bikini during a yacht event or for taking videos in public. Some others even stood up for Farrah on her ‘gram video, too.

“I think she posted this after Ramadan. She made a live during Ramadan saying that she had to do it in secret because it was illegal to film. She also has said that she has received many warning for filming where [sic],” one of her followers commented. And another added, “SHES IN A SWIM SUIT!! I have seen a lot worse. How is that illegal I mean come on [sic].” Another echoed what the original poster mentioned and added that Farrah may have actually been breaking the law, however. “It is NOT our personal opinion, but based on the country and timing IF it indeed was the holy month, THEN it coukd be deemed illegal [sic],” they said.

It’s clear fans will never agree on Farrah’s antics — but it does seem like she was able to leave Dubai without getting into legal trouble even if she did offend many of the people.

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