‘Teen Mom’: Farrah Abraham Claps Back To Critics Who Say She Looks Like Michael Jackson

It’s a rare day when Teen Mom alum, Farrah Abraham, doesn’t receive harsh comments from critics and fans alike. The 28-year-old is constantly making decisions that manage to rub people the wrong way. One of her most constant criticisms surrounds the way she raises her daughter, Sophia, But, the former reality star also gets plenty of flak for what she does with her body.

Farrah Abraham former star of Teen Mom
Farrah Abraham | Photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage

Abraham is no stranger to posting extraordinarily racy pictures of herself on Instagram and was actually kicked off of Teen Mom because of her decision to star in adult films. Followers of the 16 And Pregnant alum also take issue in the amount of plastic surgery she has chosen to get. Abraham has now done multiple procedures to change the composition of her body. Furthermore, she has also had multiple things done to her face and gets regular botox treatments to limit the effects of aging.

The latest IG video

Critics are quick to throw shade at Abraham for how plastic surgery has affected her appearance and this was especially true of Abraham’s most recent video. In the video, Abraham announced that she was coming back to YouTube to bring her fans confessional videos. Confessionals were something she did frequently during her time on Teen Mom. This is an opportunity for the 28-year-old to share her most private thoughts with fans in a way that is fully controlled by her.

“CONFESSIONALS ARE BACK! WATCH EP.1 link in bio! Fake marriages, SAG-AFTRA, ummm real real. Love you FARR-IBERS! LIKE – SUBSCRIBE – SHARE,” Abraham captioned the video, also stating that she needed her own reality tv show. Fans quickly began to drag the Teen Mom alum for the video, but rather than attacking the content, many critics chose to attack Abraham herself.

Michael Jackson comparisons

“OMG she’s starting to look like Michael Jackson,” one critic wrote in horror, clearly referencing Michael Jackson’s penchant for getting plastic surgery to the point where he looked ghoulish. “Most embarrassing thing I’ve ever watched. It’s comical, ‘people are obsessed with being famous’ um, that’s YOU,” another person said. “What the hell did she do with her face again? She looks like MJ,” another Instagram user wrote.

As more and more people drew attention to the similarities between Abraham and Jackson, others continued to cosign the similarities. “I agree with you 100% Farrah Abraham’s beginning to look like Michael Jackson. However, that’s an insult to Michael Jackson haha. LOL at least Michael Jackson was prettier,” one critic wrote. Even some of Abraham’s diehard fans from her Teen Mom days urged her to slow down on the surgeries. “Farrah Abraham..out of pure love please stop with the plastic surgery and injections and work on your mental health!! Da*n” one fan wrote.

Abraham claps back

It didn’t take long for Abraham to clap back on her many haters. Unfortunately, her response lacked cohesion, clarity, and common sense. “What’s really obvious is that women still are not Times up & more focused on judgy judging then improving society another fail again for society,” the former Teen Mom wrote leaving us all baffled at what in the world she was even trying to say.

While we personally have zero opinion on what Abraham chooses to do with her body, because of these little things we call agency and feminism, we do hope that someone other than Abraham is teaching her daughter sentence structure.