Haters Slam ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s New Movie Appearance

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham put up an Instagram post celebrating her appearance in the new movie I Got the Hook-Up 2. However, some Teen Mom fans weren’t impressed with Abraham’s latest attempt at becoming an actress. Here’s what some of her Instagram followers had to say about the reality star’s recent movie project.

A fan said Farrah Abraham’s movie looked like it was made on a budget

Farrah Abraham | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic
Farrah Abraham | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Fans said it didn’t look like there was a descent budget to make the film. An Instagram poster criticized Abraham’s uniform (she was playing the role of a police officer) and the props used for her part. “You can tell this movie was made on a budget when your uniform is so baggy, and you use an actual clipboard from Staples to write a ticket. LAPD uses ticket books, not a clipboard. Also, since when does LAPD issue parking tickets? Don’t they have Parking Enforcement for that?”

Some questioned Farrah Abraham’s use of the word “cameo”

Farrah Abraham | Pierre Suu/GC Images
Farrah Abraham | Pierre Suu/GC Images

How famous is Farrah Abraham? It seems like some people on Instagram don’t think the former Teen Mom star is famous enough. In her Instagram post, Abraham said she was making a cameo in I Got the Hook-Up 2. However, some questioned why the reality star thought she was making a cameo. A follower said she thought people make cameos if they’re famous, and she doesn’t think Abraham is famous enough to say she made a cameo in a movie. “Don’t you have to be well known to call it a cameo?  Why not say that you got a part in the movie instead?”

Farrah Abraham was slammed for only having one line in the movie

Some of the haters pointed out Abraham only had one line. However, a supporter said it was better than not being in the movie at all. “One line is better than no lines. That’s what people forget. Any milestone and role counts. And honestly, for the little line you did say it seemed very natural and authentic. Great acting; all it takes is practice and experience. Much love.”

Others said they won’t be watching Farrah Abraham on the big screen

Abraham has her share of fans but those who don’t support her and are quite vocal about it. Some of the reality star’s naysayers said they wouldn’t be supporting the movie. Some also said they don’t think the movie will do well. “No one will watch this in the movies. It’ll be on Netflix after a week,” wrote one Instagram user.

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