Followers Slam ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham for the Way She Talks About Homeless People

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has enjoyed success as a result of her time on the MTV reality show. However, some of her social media followers say fame caused Abraham to become less humble. In a recent YouTube video, Abraham made comments about homeless people that made her followers very upset. Here’s what the reality star said that led to angry responses.

Farrah Abraham’s YouTube video

Farrah Abraham |Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images
Farrah Abraham |Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Abraham made the second video in her “docu-comedy” series. In the video, she spoke about a line of people she saw wrapped around the block. At one point, Abraham said the presence of “hipster concert goers” or “bums” showed her that she’s “making it in life.” Here’s part of what the former Teen Mom star said in her YouTube video:

As I left my garage for the first time today, there was lines and lines of people outside… This line went around the block and around another block, because these little hipsters were waiting on some no-name band around the block. We’re in Hollywood, so you see these bums for instance. There were so many kids wrapped around the block even tonight that the bums can’t even pitch their tent to sleep. I mean, it’s either crazy little hipster concert goers or it’s bums. I’m just like, the dynamic just shows me that I’m making it in life. Yes, I’m making it in life.

I’m OK with life being crazy drama and hectic because it’s my fault and that’s how I like it. And not just pitching a tent and sleeping on the street. I’m in the penthouse. I’m not just chilling on the sidewalk having my friends go get me cheap food, and barely having enough money to go to this concert that I’m waiting on all day in line for.   

Followers accused Farrah Abraham of not caring about the homeless

An Instagram follower was very upset about the way Abraham spoke about the homeless. The follower said many people are “one paycheck away from being homeless.” The Instagram user also said Abraham should be more careful about how she speaks about people who have fallen on hard times:

Bums?!? Do you even have the slightest idea what is going on with the homeless in our country? Did you know that 51% of Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless? Of course not, because you don’t care. You’re by far the most narcissistic parasite of this generation. You should be careful one day that maybe you out there bumming in a tent. This isn’t funny and I’m going to pray for you, you really need it.

Another follower took issue with Abraham calling homeless people “bums” and seemingly criticizing their situation. “You call homeless people bums? And you really wanted to talk about people wasting their time. I feel like I already wasted enough time listening to your talk today LMAO,” wrote the Instagram user.

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