‘Teen Mom’: Is Jenelle Evans the Next Farrah Abraham? Some Fans Think So

We’ve been watching Teen Mom since the very beginning — and none of us can forget when Farrah Abraham first stepped on to the scene. For years, fans loved to hate the star as her diva-like attitude and controversial parenting methods came under fire. She’s no longer with the franchise, of course, and we can’t imagine ever seeing another star quite like her. It seems there’s another controversial mom on the show who’s managed to cause just as much of a stir as Farrah, however — and that’s Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle has starred on Teen Mom 2 for years, and her relationships and troubles with the law continue to raise eyebrows. And now, fans are even starting to compare her to Farrah. Here’s why.

Jenelle Evans is becoming even more controversial than Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans attend Farrah Abraham's 25th birthday celebration
Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans attend Farrah Abraham’s 25th birthday celebration | Ralph Notaro/Getty Images

Before Jenelle ever stepped foot on the set of Teen Mom 2, fans remember Farrah Abraham. From the very beginning, Farrah’s tumultuous relationship with her mother was put on display, and fans remember the star seemingly mistreating her boyfriend, Simon Saran, on screen. There is one thing that can’t be disputed, however — and that’s that Farrah loves her daughter, Sophia, and is willing to do whatever it takes to shower her with a glamorous lifestyle. This, of course, has also led to fan criticism. Now, Farrah’s no longer with Teen Mom after getting fired for continuing to take part in the adult film industry (Farrah maintains it was her choice to leave, however).

No other mom on the show has quite the legacy that Farrah has — but Jenelle comes close. Jenelle also hit quite a few rough patches with her mother and has gotten into many memorable run-ins with the law on and off screen. Not only that, but Jenelle’s made a name for herself after her husband, David Eason, was fired from Teen Mom following his homophobic tweets. And now, her family seems to be raising even more eyebrows after David recently shot and killed her dog, Nugget.

She’s now promoting products on her Instagram, similar to Farrah

Not only is Jenelle creating as much fan uproar as Farrah once did, but it seems some of her Instagram content is also starting to look similar. Recently, Jenelle posted a $1,000 Louis Vuitton shopping spree giveaway for her followers to potentially win. Many played along, but others questioned the validity of the post and why Jenelle was adding more sponsored content to her page.

Inquisitr notes one fan started comparing Jenelle to Farrah in the comments section of the giveaway, too. “A glance into your future after teen mom. Desperately trying to sell or advertise to stay financially afloat and relevant [sic] best example of your future: Farrah Abraham,” they wrote. And this isn’t the first time Jenelle has posted sponsored content to her Instagram, either. On this post promoting a weight loss program, fans slammed her for her “before” and “after” photos that were seemingly just taken minutes apart. “Guys she has to make up for her loss of income on teen mom since her story is so boring they couldn’t stretch her into the episode last night. She’s desperate for the $$$ now,” one fan commented.

Farrah doesn’t have high hopes for Jenelle’s future

Jenelle Evans and David Eason
Jenelle Evans and David Eason | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

There’s no doubt Farrah always says what’s on her mind, and the ex-Teen Mom recently gave her opinion on Jenelle’s relationship with husband David, too. Farrah talked to Hollywood Life about the latest incident of David shooting Jenelle’s dog, and Farrah managed to knock both the Teen Mom producers and Jenelle’s relationship in one swing. “I’m sure all the drama Teen Mom production has put a split between them, and I’m sure it will end in divorce,” she told the publication.

This isn’t the first time Farrah has spoken out about Jenelle and MTV, either. Back in July 2018, we remember when footage aired of Jenelle pulling a gun on a driver. To that, Us Weekly reports Farrah said, “I mean, Viacom’s half to blame for that, the production team’s half to blame for that. They’ve had that footage, they’ve been around it, they’ve been allowing that stuff.”

We’re not sure if Farrah is totally in Jenelle’s corner for all of the drama, but it does seem like the ex-star understands how reality TV can blow certain things out of proportion. Are the two MTV stars totally alike, though? Probably not as much as fans think.

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