‘Teen Mom’: Jenelle Evans Releases New Project to Share Intimate Updates About Her Life

Jenelle Evans has been living in the public eye since she first appeared on 16 and Pregnant. Since then, she has appeared on Teen Mom 2, been fired from the show, and had several very public breakups. Evans goes back and forth about how she feels about leading such a public life. Sometimes, she asks fans to give her space and let her handle her personal matters privately, and other times, she gives statements on what exactly is going on in her life. Now, Evans is about to let fans in on even more aspects of her life.

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

What has been going on with Jenelle Evans?

Evans has had quite a rough few years. First, her husband David Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 for his use of homophobic language. Then, Evans temporarily lost custody of her children after Eason shot a dog in front of them. Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2 following that incident, as well.

Evans broke up with Eason shortly after that situation.

“I’ve mostly kept off social media the past few days because I’ve been focused on making some big life decisions,” she wrote in a now-deleted post on Instagram. “I’ve lived my life on camera since I was 17 years old. And a lot of it hasn’t been pretty. But it’s been my life.

“I know I need to make changes. I’m starting that now,” she wrote. “The kids and I have moved away from David. Nobody gets into a marriage expecting it to end but I know that’s what is best for me, and for my kids. Today I’ve filed papers to start that process.” 

Though Evans said that she was filing paperwork to separate from Eason, the two eventually got back together. Evans claimed that the relationship was different this time around and that the two were getting better at communicating.

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Jenelle takes a break from social media

After a short period of peace between Evans and Eason, Eason was arrested on assault charges after hitting one of Evans’ friends with a gun.

According to Celebernation, Evans’ friend was attempting to retrieve the reality star’s things from the home that Eason was living in when Eason hit him with a gun.

“I’m upset how everything ended up and wish the situation was taken in a more serious manner,” Evans told the outlet.

Later, Evans took to Facebook to announce that she was taking a break from social media.

“#Teenmomog #breakingnews I just want to let the public, tabloids, and my fans know that IM OK, IM SAFE AND SO ARE THE KIDS!” she wrote. “I’m going to take a few days out to myself to gather my thoughts and focus on what’s going on so I won’t be on social media much. I love you all for the support that you all have shown me and I’ll be stronger and better than ever soon!”

What is Jenelle’s new project?

Though Evans claims to want to take breaks from fans and social media, she recently created a site that would allow fans to see even more of her life.

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“LET’S GO!” she tweeted. “Want to see what I’m REALLY up to these days? I just launched my new site Jenelle’s World! Sign up for exclusive EVERYTHING! Get rid of the haters and only want to hear from my true fans! See ya there!”

The website will apparently show behind-the-scenes moments in Evans’ life, including pictures, live sessions, videos, and more.