‘Teen Mom OG’: Andrew Glennon Shades MTV Amid Court Drama

Andrew Glennon might be ready to move on from his relationship with Amber Portwood, but it looks like he’s still holding onto some pretty harsh feelings towards MTV. The father of one took to Instagram to shade the network and the production house behind Teen Mom OG amid the ongoing legal drama between himself and Portwood. It seems that Glennon is a little miffed by the unwavering support MTV is showing Portwood after she was arrested for domestic violence back in July 2019. 

What did Glennon have to say about MTV?

Glennon has remained relatively silent in the wake of Portwood’s domestic violence arrest. He, however, has recently shown back up on social media. Between sweet snapshots of his one-year-old son, Glennon has taken to posting to his Instagram Story. One particular post is of interest to fans. 

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Happy Easter!❤️ @realamberlportwood1__

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The snapshot is a simple statement that reads, “You gave the abuser a platform to try to silence their victims.” He followed up the announcement with two quotes and ended it all with a final statement. The final clip reads, “the silence ends now.”

Andrew Glennon and Amber Portwood
Andrew Glennon (L) and Amber Portwood | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

What Glennon is planning to do remains unknown, but it looks like he’s not interested in sitting around any longer. While Portwood and Glennon’s relationship seemed up in the air in the days following her arrest, it is well and truly done now. Glennon doesn’t seem interested in protecting Portwood any longer, and things could get ugly. 

Glennon appears to be feeling silenced by the media

The second Portwood’s arrest was announced, fans began speculating about exactly what happened and what led to the domestic throwdown. Portwood, for her part, didn’t help to shore up Glennon’s image. Several Instagram posts appeared to suggest Glennon was cheating on her before the altercation. Portwood also went on to subtly accuse her ex of drinking and driving. A former lover of Portwood even spoke to TMZ and appeared on a podcast to discuss the situation. He said he truly believed there was more to the story than was being told. 

As story after story unfolds in the media, it looks like Glennon is feeling a bit angry. As a victim of domestic violence, he doesn’t appear to be getting the support that is so necessary for those who have found themselves in volatile situations. The narrative seems to be swinging in Portwood’s favor, and Glennon seems lost as to why that might be. 

Perhaps its because Portwood has a more extensive fan base, or because she’s been open about her struggle with her mental health. Maybe it’s because the situation seems atypical in that the female is the abuser while the male is the victim. Regardless of why things are unfolding as they are, Glennon is unhappy about it. His subtle digs on Instagram have yet to name names, but it is easy enough to read between the lines. 

Is Andrew Glennon moving back to California?

While Glennon is harboring some resentment towards the network and how they’ve handled the entire situation, he’s ready to move on. Last month he filed paperwork to inform the courts about his plan to relocate with this one-year-old son. Glennon, who originally hails from The Golden State, is seeking permission to take his young son back to California with him. Allegedly, he plans to return to the West Coast by November 2019. 

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The Focal Point of Existence

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According to The Hollywood Gossip, Glennon stated that he has friends, family, and work opportunities back in California. Additionally, he noted that he has absolutely no connection to Indiana and does not wish to continue residing in the state. Portwood has 60 days to respond to the declaration. As it stands, the mother of two is only allowed supervised visitations with baby James. Glennon still has an order of protection in place against his former live-in girlfriend. Glennon, himself, was slapped with two restraining orders from former lovers prior to meeting Portwood, according to Radar Online.