‘Teen Mom OG’: Farrah Abraham Expects Future Partners to Sign an NDA

Fans of Farrah Abraham have been concerned for her mental and physical health for years. The former Teen Mom OG star has gone off on rants, indulged in plastic surgery, and weathered rumors about her drug use and her career as a high-priced escort. The reality TV personality has long insisted she is doing just fine, and now she’s ready to find love again. She does have a few conditions for her leading man, though, and one is truly bizarre- she expects prospective life partners to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Farrah Abraham expects potential dates to sign confidentiality agreements

Farrah Abraham doesn’t want any of her private information spilling out to the public. It sounds strange coming from Abraham. The mother of one regularly bares all of herself on social media, but clearly, she wants to be in control of her narrative, no matter how bizarre that narrative is.

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage

According to Us Weekly, Abraham noted that she’s open to the idea of having a relationship, but any partner will need to meet her conditions first. She said that a life partner would need to love her daughter first and foremost. That’s not novel, though. For most single parents that is a given. Next, her prospective boyfriend will need to love dogs. Finally, he’ll need to be willing to sign an NDA.

The former Teen Mom OG cast member has been burned in the past

As a public figure, Abraham notes that she is dealing with unique circumstances when it comes to dating. She has allegedly been burned by past loves and takes her privacy seriously. She notes that her daughter, Sophia, has not met anyone she’s dated for the last two years, and she has no plans to introduce her to a partner until things get serious.

Through several rounds of therapy, Abraham seems to have learned she’s been scorned by past loves. Now she’s taking precautions to make sure it doesn’t happen again. She’s on the lookout for any man who might be dating her just for the fame. She’s taken it as far as refusing to date anyone who happens to have a connection to the media.

Other celebrities allegedly require NDAs from their love interests

While having a date sign a non-disclosure agreement is undoubtedly unorthodox, Abraham wouldn’t be the first celeb to request a date sign a contract. Rumor has it that Justin Bieber has asked hookups to sign the binding agreement. According to Celebs Now, Bieber’s goal, before he was married, was to keep news of his conquests from leaking to the media.

Scott Disick, now happily involved with Sofia Richie, had a few wild years, too. Those wild years included bedding plenty of groupies. The ladies invited back to Disick’s Mexican Villa, however, were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement and hand over their phones. They got their property back once they left the room, according to Page Six.

Several other celebrities are rumored to have asked their dates, conquests, and partners to sign similar agreements. Clearly, Farrah isn’t the only one who is taking their privacy to a new level.