‘Teen Mom OG’: How Maci Bookout Really Feels About Ex Ryan Edwards’ Wife, Mackenzie

We’ve been watching Teen Mom for years, and while there are more young mothers starring on the show than ever before, we’ll never forget the original cast. Maci Bookout has always been a fan favorite, as we remember her from her 16 and Pregnant Days when she was dating Ryan Edwards. Now, Maci and Ryan are no longer together, but they do work hard to co-parent their son, Bentley.

Ryan and Maci are both married, too — and many fans wonder what Maci’s relationship with Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie, is really like. Here’s what we know.

Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards chose to leave Teen Mom after a long run

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A lot has changed over the years for Ryan and Maci — and while Maci still has a leading role with the Teen Mom series, Ryan and wife Mackenzie chose to take a step back. Ryan’s addiction and stints of rehab have been well-documented on the show, and People reported back in 2018 that Mackenzie told E! News that MTV didn’t “want to show Ryan as a recovering addict.” Ryan added, “They want to talk about us but they don’t want to pay us and film us.”

Ryan also took to his Instagram to further explain why he and Mackenzie were leaving the show. “They don’t want to show me or Mack in a happy light or that I am active in my recovery. I AM. They want me to look angry, passive aggressive and uncaring regarding things that mean the most to me,” Ryan wrote. “I’m done taking their s*** and letting the world believe this by standing up for myself. You’re believing a lie.” Given what Ryan said about the network portraying them negatively, it makes fans wonder if all of the feuds between Ryan and Maci were real, too.

Mackenzie has accused Maci of exploiting Ryan’s addiction in the past

We may no longer see Mackenzie and Maci interact on TV, but we can’t forget when Mackenzie thought Maci was exploiting Ryan on the show. People reported in 2017 that during a Teen Mom reunion, Mackenzie called out Maci for not helping Ryan find help for his addiction. “You let everyone know that you feared for his life, while concurrently exploiting Ryan and his addiction on the show,” Mackenzie stated. “You preach about hating complacency and enabling. But, because you turned your head to the problem, that makes you the enabler, not everyone else that it’s blamed on.”

Maci attempted to defend herself against Mackenzie’s claims, but it seemed clear the two would never see eye-to-eye. Mackenzie then went on to say that Maci not only “humiliated” Ryan, but she also “humiliated” Mackenzie and their “children for years to come.” Ouch.

Mackenzie and Maci seem to be friendly now

Despite the explosive drama between these two women in years past, it seems they get along much better now. Back in February, Hollywood Life reminds us Ryan was serving a jail sentence after being arrested for heroin possession and theft. This could have caused an even bigger division between Maci and Mackenzie — but judging from Instagram, the two have come together. Maci posted this photo to Instagram of her kids and Mackenzie’s kids followed by a photo of her and Mackenzie smiling together. “Family isn’t an important thing, it’s everything,” Maci captioned the post.

Ryan has recently gotten out of jail and spent Easter weekend with Mackenzie and their kids, it seems. And since Maci and Mackenzie’s war of words on the reunion, the two have seemingly come to an understanding and gotten along. Hopefully, the unity Mackenzie and Maci experienced while Ryan was behind bars will continue on in the future, too.

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