‘Teen Mom OG’: Is Andrew Glennon Moving Back to Malibu?

Amber Portwood’s court case is ongoing. The mother of two was arrested on July 5 when she allegedly attacked her live-in boyfriend after a verbal altercation. Slapped with three felony counts, Portwood was ordered to stay away from Andrew Glennon, the man she attacked. Initially, she was also ordered to stay away from her one-year-old son, James, but has since been granted supervised visitations. Along with facing several felony counts, it seems like Portwood is going to have a custody battle on her hands, too. It looks like Glennon is ready to pack things up in Indiana and head back to California, with baby James along for the ride.

Is Andrew Glennon moving?

TMZ uncovered court documents that were filed by Glennon last week. The father of one filed an intent to relocate document with the courts in Indiana. Allegedly, the father of one has plans to return to California by November 2019. The documentation does not mention custody of James, but it’s assumed that provisions for the one-year-old have been discussed. James has been in Glennon’s care since Portwood’s July arrest.

Andrew Glennon
Andrew Glennon| (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Glennon noted, in the documentation, that he has no ties to Indiana and has a life back in California. He allegedly has worked lined up in The Golden State, too. Glennon originally hailed from California but moved to Indiana to be closer to Portwood. Portwood didn’t wish to relocate at that time because of her custody agreement with Gary Shirley. Shirley has primary custody of Portwood’s first child, Leah.

Can Glennon legally take James out of the state?

The only thing muddying the waters for Glennon’s departure from Indiana is James. The one-year-old is currently residing with his father, but a permanent custody agreement has not been reached. A final call on James’ placement likely will not be reached until Portwood’s other legal issues are worked out.

In theory, Glennon could take James out of the state if a judge agrees to the move, and grants Glennon primary physical custody of the child. Portwood could, technically, fight him on the issue, but because of the current charges against her, it will be an uphill battle. Portwood’s history of erratic behavior and mental health struggles could also play into a judge’s decision.

It is not yet known if Portwood will serve jail time for the domestic assault incident. She had previously served a prison sentence when she refused to enter a rehabilitation program after another domestic violence incident. The 2010 incident stemmed from an argument between Portwood and her then-fiancé, Gary Shirley. Shirley has maintained primary custody of Portwood’s first child since then.

What does this mean for Portwood’s court case?

While Glennon’s intention to leave Indiana appears to be the final blow for the couple’s relationship, it likely doesn’t mean much for her legal case. Glennon, who called police on Portwood after she allegedly came at him with a machete, is cooperating in the court case.

Now that charges have been filed, Glennon is only needed as a witness. The evidence that will be used in the case is likely already submitted. Glennon’s desire to move has no bearing on what happens legally for Portwood.