‘Teen Mom OG’: Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards Haven’t Spoken Since His Release from Prison

Ryan Edwards seems to be enjoying his freedom. Recently released from prison, Edwards appears to be on a summer getaway with his wife, Mackenzie Standifer. While photos of the couple have been liked more than 16,000 times, there is one woman who is sure not to double tap the photo – Maci Bookout. Bookout, the standout star of Teen Mom OG, has a complicated and often painful relationship with her ex-fiancée and the father of her first son. Maci has reported that she and Ryan have not spoken or seen each other since his release from jail, and that’s perfectly okay with her.

Maci is perfectly fine with having no relationship with Ryan

Maci has been outspoken about her life, but she tries to keep her relationship with Ryan under wraps. The Bulletproof author has a pretty good reason for doing so; she wants her son Bentley to grow up healthy and happy, regardless of the turmoil between his parents. Maci and her husband Taylor are careful about what they say about Ryan publicly, but they try to maintain an open dialogue with Bentley, so he knows he is very much loved.

Maci, however, has noted that she’s had absolutely no contact with Edwards since his prison release. She said that their relationship is neither bad nor good, it’s simply non-existent. She also doesn’t have a relationship with Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie. Maci, Mackenzie, Taylor, and Ryan all seem perfectly fine with that arrangement, too.

Maci and Taylor have a standing restraining order against Edwards

Back in May 2018, Maci and Taylor were granted a restraining order against Edwards. The order ensures that the father of two cannot come within 100 feet of Maci, Taylor, or the two children they share. Bentley, Maci’s son with Ryan, however, is not included in the order, according to In Touch.

The restraining order includes a stipulation in which Maci and Taylor must stay away from Ryan, as well. The order was put in place after Maci and Taylor alleged Edwards was threatening violence. His lengthy issue with drug abuse also seems to have played a role in the order. According to Us Weekly, Maci felt she had no choice but to file for a restraining order after Ryan showed up to a baseball game and became aggressive. The order expires in 2020.

Why was Ryan Edwards in jail?

Edwards was released from jail in April 2019 after serving around three months. The father of two was picked up in January 2019 on a theft of services charge. According to People, Edwards allegedly left a bar without paying his $36 tab. The case was eventually dismissed, but Edwards had an outstanding warrant for a heroin possession charge.

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Edwards has been in and out of police custody since 2017. Each charge somehow relates to his issues with substance abuse. He missed the birth of his second child, Jagger in October 2018 because he was in a secured rehab facility. Edwards and his wife left Teen Mom OG in 2018.