‘Teen Mom OG’: Maci Bookout Seemingly Just Proved She Isn’t Pregnant With New Instagram Photos

We remember when Teen Mom first began and Maci Bookout was instantly a hit with fans. From her down-to-earth personality to her can-do attitude, Maci proved she could go to school, be a teenage parent, and deal with her infamous boyfriend, Ryan, all on her own. And now, she’s doing better than ever. While she and Ryan are no longer on speaking terms, she’s married now to Taylor McKinney whom she shares two more kids with and helps with his thriving business.

Fans know Maci loves children — and they even speculated recently that she could be pregnant with her fourth baby. It seems she’s dispelled the rumors with a few recent Instagram photos, however.

Fans thought Maci Bookout was pregnant with baby No. 4 after recent photos surfaced

It feels like just yesterday when Maci was pregnant with Bentley, but her oldest son is growing up fast. CafeMom reminds us he’s already 9 years old, and her younger kids, Jayde and Maverick, are 3 and 2 respectively. And while Maci has a court order against Ryan contacting her, she has mentioned more recently that he has a relationship with Bentley again, which she thinks is important for him as a kid growing up.

As for rumors about baby No. 4, OK! Magazine notes those came about after candid photos were released for Maci and Taylor’s clothing line. The photos show Maci with what appears to be a baby bump — and fans freaked out. “Maci totally looks pregnant,” the publication notes a fan said on Reddit, and many others echoed that same sentiment. Maci also didn’t address the rumors head-on, which had fans speculating even more that she could be preparing for another child.

Her recent Instagram photos show no sign of a baby bump

Maci didn’t come right out and say anything regarding the pregnancy rumors — but thanks to her recent Instagram photos, it seems she didn’t have to. Since the photo shoot for the clothing line, she’s posted multiple photos that show her full body. And there seems to be no more baby bump visible.

Fans took to her Instagram comments about the “disappearing” bump, too. In this photo, Maci is posing with Bentley and her husband, Taylor, while at an event supporting finding a cure for Alexander disease. “Here come the ‘she’s totally hiding a bump the way she’s standing’ comments,” one fan sarcastically commented. And on another recent photo Maci posted just days later, fans flocked to the comments to confirm that there’s no baby bump in sight. “Yeah she’s definitely not pregnant lol,” one fan commented after noticing Maci’s thin midsection in the photo. “Oh my gosh, you’re not pregnant like all these Instagram stories said!!!” another added.

Does Maci want more kids? She’s mentioned adoption before

It’s highly unlikely that Maci is pregnant at the moment — and she’s even said in the past that she’s not looking to have more kids biologically, OK! reports. But it looks like Maci and Taylor are considering adoption. They’ve mentioned the possibility on episodes of Teen Mom, and the publication notes they don’t want to adopt a baby, but rather an older child between the ages of 4 and 6. “We’ve both have talked about adoption or fostering in the future, down the road, but we’re not [having kids] biologically,” she’s told People in the past.

Whether Maci changes her mind and chooses to have more biological children or not, we’re excited to watch her kids grow up, too. Whatever the McKinney household chooses, they’ll have fans in their corner either way.

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