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MacKenzie McKee might be the newest addition to the Teen Mom OG cast, but she’s undoubtedly bringing enough drama to revitalize the show. Sure, ratings initially dropped when she joined the cast, but an official announcement that she’ll be ending her marriage to her husband of almost seven years, could buoy ratings next season; if there is a next season.

Cheating and lying were not uncommon in their early relationship

During Mackenzie McKee’s short stint on the now-defunct Teen Mom 3, fans were treated to the drama that existed between MacKenzie and Josh McKee. The couple hit a rough patch shortly after the birth of their first child. A few years later, all seemed to be well as the couple got married and welcomed two more children.

In 2017, however, the McKees were rocked by a cheating scandal when MacKenzie began texting another man, according to Radar Online. Mackenzie insists that she never actually cheated. She claims she was just exchanging texts, but Josh didn’t see it that way. He moved out of the couple’s home. They later reconciled.

Mackenzie has suspected Josh of lying in recent months  

Mackenzie McKee’s role on Teen Mom OG was abridged this season. According to Pop Culture, the production house behind the show wanted to utilize Mackenzie’s storyline to see if it struck a chord with viewers. She was seen as a guest mom, with the chance of becoming a full-time star if all went well.

Even with a guest role on the show, Mackenzie brought plenty of drama. Most recently, she began questioning whether Josh had been faithful while he was on the road. Josh is heavily involved in the rodeo, which leads him away from home during the season. Mackenzie hangs back to care for the couple’s three children while simultaneously building a fitness empire.

News broke that Josh was hanging out in bars and canoodling with other women during his time in Texas. While he originally denied even being in the bar, he later admitted that he did go to have beers with his friends. He insists nothing physical happened, but several witnesses allege he was making out with a blonde inside the establishment before the pair left together, according to Ok! Magazine. Josh never returned to his group that evening.

Will the McKee’s end up back together?

Mackenzie and Josh have had a tumultuous relationship over the years. While they put on a good front for Instagram photos, it looks like being in front of a rolling camera exposed the cracks in their marriage. With that being said, the couple has parted ways before only to come back together.

The wording of Mackenzie’s Twitter announcement has left room for interpretation, too. She stated that stress played a role in her decision and that she’s decided that her marriage needs a break. She did not suggest that she was moving towards divorce proceedings, just that she needed a break. That makes it sound like she’s leaving the door open for a reconciliation. Either way, the drama between Mackenzie and Josh is likely to play a role in future Teen Mom OG storylines.