‘Teen Mom OG’: Mackenzie McKee’s Mom, Angie Douthit, Passes Away From Stage 4 Cancer

Mackenzie McKee and her family took to social media to share sad news with fans; Angie Douthit lost her battle with cancer. Douthit became a household name when she appeared on 16 and Pregnant with her then-teenaged daughter, Mackenzie. The family returned to the small screen on the now-defunct Teen Mom 3. More recently, McKee returned MTV to fill an open spot on Teen Mom OG, sharing Douthit’s story in the process.

Douthit shared her journey on social media

After her January 2018 diagnosis, Douthit took to social media to share the news with followers and fans. What initially began as an announcement turned into a daily posting schedule, where Douthit shared messages of hope and joy, even when things were looking dark and dreary. In August 2019, Douthit took to Instagram to inform fans that her prognosis was bleak and that she was given roughly six months to live. She continued treatment to extend her life and also continued to share messages of hope via social media.

On Dec. 6, Douthit told her followers that the life-extending treatment was no longer working. She informed her fans that she would go through two rounds of radiation before ending treatment entirely. Douthit continued to post to the account until she was no longer able.

She passed away, surrounded by family in the late evening hours of Monday, Dec. 9, 2019, according to a post on her Instagram page. The emotional message noted that her family would continue on in her honor by sharing messages of hope and joy, even amid great sadness.

Angie Douthit had a rare cancer diagnosis  

Douthit was diagnosed with lung cancer back in January 2018, but as she explained, her form of cancer was rare to see in someone her age. Douthit was just 48 when diagnosed with both small cell carcinoma and non-small cell carcinoma, a rarity in cancer diagnostics. She explained that her diagnosis was unique, according to doctors. Cancer had spread to several other organs, as well as her brain, she told Dr. Drew during a recent reunion special.

Douthit was a nonsmoker who ran marathons, which made the diagnosis all the more surprising. According to the American Cancer Society, the average age of diagnosis for lung cancer is 70, with very few people being diagnosed with the disease before the age of 65. Having both forms of lung cancer is exceedingly rare.

Will Mackenzie McKee continue on with Teen Mom OG?

McKee took to social media in the days before her mother’s passing to ask for prayers. She noted that things weren’t looking good. Now, McKee is faced with a bit of a dilemma. Will she continue on with Teen Mom OG? As last season wrapped up, Douthit had just been told her cancer was not responding to treatment. McKee was also at a crossroads with her husband, Josh McKee. The pair briefly separated before reuniting over the summer.

McKee has been a controversial figure since her return in August 2019. She was initially slated to fill an open spot on Teen Mom 2 in 2017, but the opening was filled by Briana DeJesus. DeJesus and McKee have been feuding ever since. It is not known if the film crews have been following McKee and Douthit’s journey in the last several months.  Cameras were, however, spotted with Amber Portwood, who appears on the same show, according to Inquistr.