‘Teen Mom OG: Reunion Special’: Amber Portwood Calls Andrew Glennon a Narcissist

If you didn’t think MTV was supporting Amber Portwood through her legal battle already, her appearance on the Teen Mom OG reunion special should solidify it. The production team filmed with the core cast in New York as usual but traveled to Indiana to film with Portwood. Due to her pending court case, she could not leave the state. She spilled as much dirt about the incident and her ongoing legal drama as she possibly could, but her biggest bombshell may have to do with her former live-in boyfriend. Portwood suggested she was dealing with “some narcissism” in the wake of the incident.

Amber tells Dr. Drew that Andrew Glennon has narcissistic tendencies

Portwood sat down with Dr. Drew to discuss everything that happened during the most recent season of Teen Mom OG. While fans watched Portwood struggle with her mental health, enjoy life as a mom, and figure out a way to deal with her daughter possibly suffering from anxiety during the season, everyone’s attention has been turned to exactly what happened on July 5.

Portwood, when questioned about the domestic battery incident, said she believes she is dealing with some “narcissism.” The comment was obviously pointed at her former boyfriend and the father of her one-year-old son, Andrew Glennon.

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood | Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Portwood eluded to the fact that Glennon’s lack of empathy, media interviews, and quick interest in a new romantic partnership might indicate narcissistic tendencies. She also discussed his new, rumored love interest at length. 

Amber Portwood appears to be feeling hurt and abandoned

Dr. Drew asked Portwood to elaborate on Glennon’s new lady. While he hasn’t confirmed having one, Portwood claims she’s spoken to the woman. She doesn’t seem to be harboring any ill-will towards her, though. In fact, she told Dr. Drew that she thinks she’s a sweet person.

She didn’t have the same positive things to say about Glennon, though. She noted that he appears to be trying to cut her out of his life, and the life of the son they share, by proxy. Portwood also alleges that Glennon has been feeding the media information about the ongoing court case in an attempt to curry favor.

MTV is clearly buying her story

Portwood didn’t stop at suggesting Glennon was cheating and was using the situation against her; she went on to subtly suggest the entire story was fabricated. Portwood noted that the father of one decided to text emergency dispatchers instead of calling them. She even suggests that the machete incident didn’t happen, although she never came out and directly called Glennon a liar. Instead, she argued that if someone were coming at her with a knife, she’d call dispatchers so they could hear what was going on.

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For those not in the know, Portwood was accused of wielding a machete at a door in an attempt to get to Glennon. Glennon claims he locked himself and his son in a bedroom because he feared for their lives. Portwood rolled her eyes when discussing the incident but stopped short at defending herself. She did ask to consult with her lawyers several times during the interview, likely because her court case is ongoing.

MTV is sticking by Portwood’s side, and clearly, seem to believe her story. Glennon has thrown shade at the production company in recent weeks. He even suggested he was purposefully being silenced so that Portwood could continue to have a platform. MTV has not commented on the allegation.