‘Teen Mom OG’: Ryan Edwards Might Not Be Getting Along With Mackenzie Standifer After His Jail Release

We’ve been watching Teen Mom OG for years, and a ton has changed since the moms first began their journeys with MTV. Fans grew to love Maci Bookout, though her boyfriend when she was pregnant with her son, Bentley, was never a fan favorite. Eventually, the two broke up — and while Maci seems to be thriving in her new marriage with all three of her children, Ryan Edwards has been plagued with legal trouble and drug issues.

Fans have followed Ryan’s path on Teen Mom, too, and while he’s married to Mackenzie Standifer (who we’ve also seen on and off over the years), it seems their marriage may be rocky. Here’s what’s going on following Ryan’s most recent jail stint.

Ryan and Mackenzie posed for an Easter photo post-jail release

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We’ve seen plenty of Mackenzie and Ryan’s ups and downs through their marriage, and fans were particularly worried about what Ryan’s most recent jail stint would do to their relationship. Radar Online reminds us Ryan was just released from jail on April 15 after spending a few months behind bars. He was charged with heroin possession and theft after he failed to pay a $36 bar tab. This is far from his first run-in with the law, too. E! News notes he was arrested multiple times in 2018 right after he announced he’d no longer be working with Teen Mom.

Mackenzie recently posted an adorable photo of Ryan and the kids on her Instagram, and fans were excited to see the happy couple reunited for Easter. Unfortunately, there’s allegedly been some issues at home. Radar Online reports sources claim Ryan accused Mackenzie of cheating on him while he was in jail. “She was crying and didn’t understand what she did wrong,” the source said.

Some sources claim Mackenzie was calmer without Ryan around

Not only do sources claim that Ryan was making unfounded accusations against Mackenzie, but others say that Mackenzie was much more at ease when Ryan wasn’t around. As a source told Radar Online, “Mackenzie seemed more relaxed with Ryan gone and not so much on edge. She’s being more like her old self where she is more down to earth and not in defense mode all the time.”

As for what Mackenzie was doing while Ryan was in jail, the insider said she was focusing on taking care of her two kids — one she had with Ryan and the other she had with her ex-husband — and she was also putting more time and effort into her work. Not only that, but it seems she took some time to mend her relationship with Maci, too. We remember when Maci and Mackenzie infamously took part in a war of words during a Teen Mom reunion special, but Maci posted a photo that shows her posing with Mackenzie and their kids while Ryan was in jail.

Other sources say Ryan wants time away from his wife and family

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Now that Ryan’s out of jail, it seems Mackenzie’s peace may have been disturbed. And sources are now claiming that Ryan has been requesting alone time away from his wife and family now that he’s home. As a source told Radar Online, “Ryan told Mackenzie, ‘The first thing I want to do is… I need a little time to be by myself.’ He’s had no private time at all.” As for what Ryan wants to do with his alone time, the source said he wants to “sit in the woods for a whole day and not have to listen to anyone talk.”

As for what Mackenzie thinks, the source claims she’s OK with him needing space — but it still sounds concerning. “She told him, ‘I’ve been taking care of these kids. You need to help me with the kids when you’re done!’ She’s been really good. She’s been very firm with Ryan,” the source allegedly added. As for if their marriage can last through this heavy tension, we’ll have to wait and see.

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