‘Teen Mom OG’: Trouble Continues to Follow Ryan and Mackenzie

Ryan Edwards has made quick work of amping up the drama following his April 2019 release from prison. The troubled Teen Mom star spent three months in jail for a litany of charges, including theft. His wife, Mackenzie Standifer awaited his return while raising her two children, but now Edwards has been sprung from the clink, and he’s allegedly accusing Mackenzie of cheating.

An unnamed source alleges that Ryan wasted no time accusing Mackenzie of wrong-doing

Ryan’s journey home from jail apparently wasn’t dramatic enough for the troubled father of two. Edwards came back and immediately accused Mackenzie of cheating on him, alleges an unnamed source. According to Radar, the source noted that Mackenzie’s new look apparently prompted the allegations.

Standifer, 22, recently dyed her hair dark and has changed up her wardrobe. The decision prompted suspicion in Ryan, and apparently, the couple fought before he stormed off. While Edwards is suspicious, it doesn’t seem like there is any solid proof linking Standifer to another man. Ryan, however, has been caught cheating on several occasions.

Ryan has been caught cheating before

While Edwards is allegedly accusing his wife of stepping out on him when he was behind bars, Ryan’s wandering eye is famous. The troubled star has been accused of cheating on his wife on multiple occasions. He was found on Tinder just days after the couple wed in 2017.

According to Radar, a Tinder date came forward to spill the tea on their hookup. Allegedly, Edwards met up with a Tinder prospect shortly after completing a 90-day rehab stint. He reportedly asked the unnamed date if she was interested in doing cocaine with him. Ryan was also caught on the dating site while Mackenzie was pregnant with Jagger. Several women came forward to accuse the reality TV star of sending nude pictures and pushing for meetups, according to In Touch.

Mackenzie alleges she tried to get out of Teen Mom OG contract

Mackenzie has never been a fan favorite. In fact, she’s long considered herself the cast villain. The mother of two alleges, however, that she and Ryan both tried to get out of their Teen Mom OG contract. She has bashed the franchise of editing her in a negative light and even alleges that their contract is open-ended making it impossible to leave, according to Inquistr

The couple famously didn’t appear on the previous season of Teen Mom OG. It was initially believed that Maci Bookout pulled the plug on the couple’s appearance on the show. Standifer and Edwards have both been incredibly critical of the show, even going as far as to claim producers attempted to sign their unborn child up for the show, according to E! In a bizarre rant, Edwards alleges producers wanted to film the couple’s son with Edwards’ parents in an attempt to paint the couple as unstable. MTV never responded to the wild allegations.