‘Teen Mom OG’: Was Andrew Glennon Cheating on Amber Portwood?

Amber Portwood’s legal troubles are far from over. While the reality TV star is spending her days in court, her fanbase is spending their time trying to figure out precisely what went wrong between Portwood and her live-in baby daddy, Andrew Glennon. The pair have been spending time apart after Portwood allegedly attacked him while he was holding their one-year-old son, James. While the couple claims the argument broke out over a fireworks display, many people seem to think the heated exchange had a completely different cause.

Did Andrew Glennon cheat on Amber Portwood

Rumors have been swirling that the argument that resulted in Portwood’s domestic violence charge was about cheating, not fireworks. According to People, Portwood posted a cryptic snapshot on Instagram about cheating. The post led some people to believe Glennon had cheated on her before the domestic violence arrest.

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon
Andrew Glennon (L) and Amber Portwood | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The rumors only intensified when Radar Online reported that Glennon had taken to texting another woman in the wake of Portwood’s arrest. Allegedly, he has been spending his free time confiding in a mystery lady and even invited her to Indiana to hang out. The texts began just days after Portwood was removed from the home.

There is no word on how Glennon got in contact with his mystery lady. A source has noted that she, however, did decline his invitation to come to Indiana. They have exchanged photos and flirtatious texts, though.

The couple suggested the attack stemmed from a fight about fireworks

While Portwood has been open about her struggles with borderline personality disorder, the domestic violence charge took many of her fans by surprise. Portwood appeared to be more stable and much happier in recent years. In fact, it looked like she was enjoying the chance to experience many of her second child’s first. She missed many of her first child, Leah’s significant milestones because she was in jail.

According to Pop Culture, an argument broke out between Portwood and Glennon when they attempted to watch the fireworks show close to their home. Allegedly, the area was too crowded for Portwood and traffic made it difficult to get to the area. A heated argument broke out in the car before Glennon dropped Portwood off at home.

When he returned later, he told police that Portwood attacked him with a shoe. Later, she allegedly attempted to get through a locked door by hitting it with a machete. According to Us Magazine, Glennon texted 911 for help. Portwood was taken into custody without incident.

Matt Baier suspects there is more to the story

Matt Baier stopped by the Teen Mom Time podcast to discuss Portwood’s current situation. Baier, who dated Portwood for three years, allegedly reached out to the mother of two shortly after her arrest to check in.

Baier, who hasn’t had much contact with Portwood since their breakup, suggested he doesn’t believe the story. He resided in the house that Portwood currently lives in and told the hosts of Teen Mom Time that the residence is close to the display location. Baier noted that you could see the fireworks from the house. He went on to claim that if Portwood wanted to get close, they could have merely walked.

While Baier notes that he doesn’t have any inside knowledge of the fight, he relied on his experience with Portwood to share his insight. He seems to think there is more to the story than Glennon and Portwood are telling. Some of Portwood’s fanbase seems to agree.