‘Teen Mom OG’: Will Maci Bookout Drop Her Restraining Order Against Ryan Edwards?

There are plenty of Teen Mom stars causing drama these days, but Maci Bookout seems to have gotten her life in order since the early days of 16 and Pregnant. We remember when Bookout began the series dating Ryan Edwards, but their relationship didn’t last long. Now, despite both caring for their son, Bentley, the exes are totally estranged. Bookout is now married to another man and has two more children, and Edwards is married with other kids as well.

Not only do Bookout and Edwards not speak, but Bookout has a restraining order against him. And we got some insight on a recent Teen Mom OG reunion regarding if Bookout has any plans to lift the restraining order now. Here’s what she said.

Maci Bookout got a restraining order against Ryan Edwards in 2018

(L-R) Bristol Palin, Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham
(L-R) Bristol Palin, Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Edwards has been getting in trouble with the law for years, and things escalated aggressively with Bookout back in 2018. E! News notes Bookout claimed Edwards was calling her home and leaving threatening voicemails that detailed that he was going to take their son. Not only that, but the court documents also showed Bookout claiming that Edwards threatened to show up at her home and hurt her if she didn’t answer her phone. And Bookout also noted that Edwards was showing up to their son’s baseball game under the influence of heroin.

For that reason, Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney, filed two orders against Edwards. One was McKinney vs. Edwards and the other was Bookout and her three children vs. Edwards. As Bookout wrote, “His behavior and actions are getting worse, I am fearful for my three children and myself, and what he may do, based on his threats.”

Bookout claims she’s open to speaking to Edwards about their son

E! News notes the restraining order against Edwards was put into place. But, under the order, Edwards could still communicate with their son, Bentley. “This gives Ryan a lot more protection against any false allegations, allows him to avoid getting arrested without a hearing first, and allows him to be around his son most importantly,” Edwards’ attorney told E! News.

While Bookout doesn’t want any sort of relationship with Edwards, she does want him to have a good relationship with their son. People notes in a sneak peek from the Teen Mom OG reunion, Bookout notes she’s not “looking for an apology” from Edwards following his many arrests and rehab stints, but rather “a conversation and hearing how he would like to see [his relationship with Bentley] get better and knowing he does want this.”

Additionally, Bookout mentioned, “If he has things that he wants to say to me, that’s perfectly fine. I’m happy to hear them. But there’s nothing I have to hear.”

Is Bookout open to dropping the restraining order?

With Bookout allegedly willing to have discussions with Edwards, does this mean she’s also open to lifting her restraining order? It seems unlikely. As Bookout said during the Teen Mom OG reunion, “This past year of not talking to each other has been good. I’ve been able to work through my process of what I think about him,” Us Weekly reports.

While she does want Edwards to improve their relationship with their son and get better with his communication skills, the restraining order does make it more complicated — and Dr. Drew suggested as much on the show. Even after he noted that Bookout may want to reconsider the order, it seemed like Bookout was set in her ways. And during Edwards’ segment, he also suggested that the reason he doesn’t have a good relationship with his son is because of the restraining order.

Maybe one day, Bookout and Edwards can work out their differences. But so far, that seems unlikely.

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