‘Teen Mom OG’: You Won’t Believe Why Mackenzie McKee and Josh McKee Got Back Together

Mackenzie Douthit McKee joined the Teen Mom OG cast on MTV for a few episodes this past season in the wake of Amber Portwood’s arrest for domestic violence and her pending court case. McKee previously appeared on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 3, which lasted only one season.

Now, McKee’s notoriously up-and-down relationship with her husband Josh seems to be back “on.” The couple appears optimistic about the future after a recent marriage retreat that seemed to rock both of their worlds.

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The McKees announced their separation in August

On this season of Teen Mom OG, fans were curious about the status of McKee’s relationship with her husband, Josh McKee.

The couple has three children and started dating in high school, but there were plenty of ups and downs along the way. Now married six years, the McKees’ cheating scandals and financial difficulties left their marriage rocky and stressful.

Mackenzie expressed stress over having to serve as the primary breadwinner with her burgeoning fitness business. Meanwhile, rumors swirled that Josh had cheated on Mackenzie after he was reportedly seen leaving a Fort Worth bar with another woman while on the road with the rodeo.

Josh and Mackenzie announced their separation in August. Mackenzie later stated that she’d officially filed for divorce and even told fans she’d lost weight from divorce stress and depression.

Mackenzie seemed to hint at a reunion with a telling Instagram photo

The McKees’ supporters recently celebrated a potential reconciliation between the young married couple, however, when Mackenzie shared a flirty Instagram photo with her estranged husband.

Shortly after her 25th birthday in October, Mackenzie appeared to hit the club with Josh. She posted two cute photos of the two of them cuddling and kissing with the caption, “Best friends forever.”

Many fans wondered if the McKees were back on. Others thought that Mackenzie’s use of the word “friends” meant that the two were just co-parenting and staying platonically friendly.

Josh described the couples’ reunion at a marriage retreat

Josh seemed to confirm the rumors that the McKees were solidly back together with an emotional Instagram post on Oct. 22.

Alongside a picture of the couple kissing, Josh wrote: “God works in mysterious ways…We went to a marriage encounters program, which is a Christian based organization.”

He continued by describing the retreat’s purpose and the couple’s renewed religious faith at its close. “It was an awesome experience,” he wrote, “the structure of the program was amazing and every lesson/segment makes the couples realize why they got married in the first place. It’s not easy and the journey might get a little rocky but grounding your marriage in God makes your relationship become closer.”

Josh finished his account of the retreat by claiming that he had had nothing short of a spiritual experience with Mackenzie: “The second day we were there we had a little exercise and at the end we were dismissed to go back to our room or we could stay and have a couple come pray with us and that night I asked God to fully come into my life and that alone was worth attending.”

Fans flooded the comments with support for the reconciled couple, congratulating them on working proactively on their marriage.

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ star confirmed the reconciliation on social media

Mackenzie headed to both Instagram and Twitter to share her own take on getting back together with Josh.

“The best present you could have ever given [sic] me,” she commented under Josh’s post. “God showed up when Satan thought he had won. Now you are leading me to become closer to Christ. I love you toots.”

On Twitter, meanwhile, Mackenzie wrote cheekily, “If God can save Josh, Kanye, and Justin Bieber. He can save anybody.” She followed up more seriously in a second tweet, “But really. Never ever give up on praying for those you love.”

While it’s impossible to tell whether the Teen Mom OG couple will stay together for good, it certainly looks like the parents of three are actively trying to work things out for now.