‘Teen Mom’ Star and Recent Convict Ryan Edwards Reveals He Supports Donald Trump While Trashing Fans

Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards is letting the world know that he fully supports President Donald Trump. Taking to social media, Edwards shared a photo of a Make America Great Again hat, confirming that he’s a Trump follower – which, honestly, is what most people probably expected. How did Teen Mom fans react to Edwards’ latest revelation?

Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom
Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom | MTV

Ryan Edwards goes all Trump

Edwards has never been shy about expressing himself on social media, so it’s not a huge surprise that he’s opening up about his political preferences. And now that he’s out of jail, the recent convict has plenty of time on his hands to let people know how he really feels about politics.

Edwards’ post this week featured his dog wearing a MAGA hat. As expected, the photo stirred up a lot of controversy with Teen Mom fans, many of whom did not appreciate the message.

“Yea he is on the trump train to bc he is a lot smarter then most,” Ryan Edwards wrote alongside the pic.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Edwards was in jail for the past three months after getting busted for shoplifting and breaking his probation.

What’s really hilarious about the Trump post is how Edwards basically called all non-Trump advocates dumb yet he used incorrect grammar in his caption.

Teen Mom fans were quick to point this out and slammed Edwards for his grammatical errors.

There were some fans, however, that stuck up for Edwards and said that people shouldn’t hate on him just because he has different political beliefs.

For this part, Trump has been in the news a lot lately – and not for a good reason. Trump is currently facing an impeachment inquiry after allegedly asking Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden in exchange for favors.

We don’t know if Ryan Edwards thinks Trump did anything wrong, but he’s clearly still supporting him.

Edwards expands his family

Jail-time aside, Edwards recently announced that he and his wife, Mackenzie Edwards, are now expecting their second child. The two confirmed the news this summer and recently shared a photo of her growing baby bump.

The couple’s first son, Jagger, was also included in the snapshot.

Fans reacted positively to the post and encouraged the pair to share more photos of their family. The two have been very quiet on social media the past few months, so it was great to see how she is coming along in her second pregnancy.

Despite Ryan Edwards’ recent legal troubles, he and his wife are still a part of Teen Mom OG. During last season’s Teem Mom reunion, Edwards opened up about his struggles and revealed that his addiction to drugs started with pain killers.

The reality star appears to be doing better now that he’s out of jail, and we can only hope that continues in the coming months – especially for his family’s sake.

The couple tied the knot in the spring of 2017 and welcomed their first child last year. Edwards also shares a child, Bentley, with his former girlfriend, Maci Bookout.

How are things between Ryan Edwards and Maci Bookout?

Speaking of Bookout, Edwards and his ex-girlfriend experienced a lot of drama in the Teen Mom OG reunion back in September. At one point, Edwards slammed Bookout for how she has kept Bentley away from him and revealed that he is done playing nice.

He then admitted that the two parties need to develop some kind of relationship if they want things to improve. The only problem is that Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney, got a restraining order against Edwards and have yet to drop it.

If they don’t revoke the order then Edwards will be forced to stay away until it expires in May.

For her part, Bookout revealed that she hasn’t gotten rid of the restraining order because life has been good with Edwards out of the picture. Given his recent behavior, we can’t really blame her.

She also stated that Bentley has been seeing a therapist and has been informed about Ryan Edwards’ recent behavior.

MTV has not announced when the new season of Teen Mom OG will premiere.