‘Teen Mom’: The Weirdest Things About Farrah Abraham’s Parenting Methods

There’s no right way to be a parent. When it comes to raising happy, well-adjusted children, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Some kids need more discipline; others thrive without boundaries. It all depends on the kid.

Still, there are some parenting conventions that almost everyone follows. Everyone except the former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham, anyway. It seems Abraham can’t seem to keep her face out of the tabloids, and her unique approach to parenting is one of the main reasons why.

Celebrities, even of the MTV reality show variety, are usually a little offbeat when it comes to raising kids. But there are a few reasons that Farrah Abraham sets the bar high for totally strange parenting techniques.

Sophia isn’t allowed to pick out her own clothing

Allowing kids to pick out their own clothing helps them develop personalities and fosters independence. But in Farrah Abraham’s world, those necessary life skills come second to looking good for the camera. That’s why she’s never let her daughter Sophia choose her own outfits.

Abraham’s stylist picks out all the clothing and hairstyles for Sophia and never lets her make her own choices.

She acts more like a friend than a parent

Treating your kid like a friend might sound sweet – until you realize how damaging it can be. Children seek structure, rules, and guidance as they’re growing and learning. Treating them as peers when their brains are literally unable to handle that kind of responsibility can have disastrous consequences.

Farrah Abraham allows Sophia to watch, listen to, and read whatever she wants regardless of rating or parental warnings. Hey, that’s what friends are for, right?

She lets her daughter wear makeup

Abraham’s daughter Sophia is 9, which is a totally appropriate age to start experimenting with makeup. But usually, mothers let their pre-teens try out a little lip gloss and maybe some blush – not a full face of makeup.

Fans have been harsh of Farrah Abraham for years now as she has allowed Sophia to put on all types of cosmetics since she was six. Abraham defends her decision to allow Sophia to wear as much makeup as she pleases, saying it makes her “feel pretty.”

She gives Sophia insane amounts of money for losing teeth

Losing a tooth usually means a quarter under your pillow, or if you’re lucky, maybe a dollar. In Sophia Abraham’s world? You get $600.

Abraham pushes Sophia to be an entrepreneur

The internet made it so just about anyone can achieve fame and fortune with very little talent. Who would have thought that children opening toys on YouTube would become mini millionaires?

Farrah Abraham understands that “celebrity status” is possible, even for a young person. After all, she was just a child when she got famous just for being pregnant! That’s why she’s encouraging Sophia to become an influencer on social media, promoting brands and products in hopes of making money.

She plucks her daughter’s eyebrows

Little kids have unibrows sometimes – that’s just a fact of life. But fans were slightly shocked when Farrah Abraham shaped and groomed her daughter Sophia’s eyebrows years ago when she was just a young child.

Critics said that grooming brows for a child perpetuates the beauty myth and could give Sophia unrealistic expectations of beauty. Plus, it probably hurt. Abraham responded by saying she plucked Sophia’s brows while she slept (seriously?) and that now the little girl is on board with upkeep because she “likes the way they look.”

Sophia must put on a happy face around fans

Farrah Abraham may be the celebrity, but she drags Sophia to events and forces her to interact with fans even if she doesn’t want to. As Abraham explained to Cosmopolitan, “I understand that there’s a lot of people on us a lot of time and it’s a lot of giving, but I also want her to know that these people probably waited hours to meet her.”

Sophia is only allowed to have famous friends

This is a weird one. Since Farrah Abraham is so worried about non-celebrities taking advantage of her or her daughter, she only allows Sophia to associate with other famous kids. This has the added benefit of making everything she does seem less strange – after all, those other celebrity parents probably make Farrah Abraham look downright normal by comparison.

Her daughter is all over social media

There are two types of celebrity parents – those who fiercely guard their children’s privacy, and those who plaster images of their kids on every social media platform. Farrah Abraham is the latter.

Young Sophia already has a Twitter handle and an Instagram page. She’s all over social media, so even if she wanted to live a more private existence, it wouldn’t be possible.

Sophia is expected to have her own life

In a shocking interview with InTouch Weekly, Abraham said, “She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I’m doing mine.” Sophia was four years old at the time.

It’s clear that Farrah Abraham has high expectations for her daughter and seems to believe she’s just like a mini adult. Maybe she forgot that nine years old is still just a kid.