‘Teen Mom’: Who’s the Most Controversial Mom That Fans Can’t Stand?

Reality shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom thrive off of controversy and drama both on and off the set. The craziness surrounding the stars of these guilty pleasure series doesn’t just build a fan base and haters; it boosts viewership for the shows exponentially. It’s safe to say that every single mom on the cult classic MTV show, Teen Mom, has a checkered past, present, and maybe even future. 

But which one of the moms over the nine seasons takes the cake as the top controversial contender? If I had to pick one, I’d definitely go with none other than 27-year-old Jenelle Evans and here’s why.

1. Jenelle Evans’ has an impressive rap sheet

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Many if not all of the cast members on Teen Mom have had run-ins with the law. But, it’s Evans who takes the cake. She’s been arrested more times than any of her peers. Her first brush with the big boys was in 2011 when she was charged with breaking and entering and paraphernalia possession. 

Following that she was charged for assaulting a woman she thought was competition in love and lust. This was only the beginning as the MTV starlet has worn handcuffs like fashionable bracelets time and time again. She’s been charged with everything from cyberstalking to violating her probation.

2. Jenelle Evans’ pitbull murdered some innocent baby chicks

Evans decided to tackle a unique project with her controversial hubby, David Eason. The plan: build a chicken coop as a part of their homesteading endeavors. Ever since the Teen Mom star announced she was making a farm, fans were calling into question whether or not the couple had what it took to manage a homestead.

Well as soon as Evans tweeted the sad outcome of her baby chicks, fans lost their minds! The backlash was swift and she did her best to cover her butt by explaining the situation away with excuses about other natural predators. Avoiding the insensitive post would have definitely been the way to go. 

3. David Eason shot and killed Jenelle Evans’ beloved bulldog

On April 30th, news of the grapevine was that Eason killed Evans adorable Frenchie, Nugget. Animal rights activists were up in arms, and fans lost their minds when they heard the news. But without a doubt, it was Evans who was the most impacted. But why would her husband do such a thing? 

On May 1st a video surfaced that answered the question, albeit it wasn’t a great answer. The video depicts their daughter Ensley trying to lay a peck on Nugget. Well, the little pup didn’t like the attention and reacted by snapping at her. Of course, Ensley began crying and the short home video comes to an end. As far as Eason was concerned, that was evidence that Nugget was a threat to their family’s safety. Needless to say, Evans didn’t share in his sentiment and felt she was the only one who could pass judgment on her beloved companion. 

4. David Eason messed with the filming schedule for ‘Teen Moms’

Eason used to be right alongside his wife on Teen Moms….until he was fired for his volatile personality. The crazy character issued some threats about popping up whenever his wife was on set. This caused the ENTIRE production crew to flee the state of North Carolina. They have zero intentions on returning until they are guaranteed safety.

It wasn’t just the camera crew who was afraid of Eason either. Other cast members also voiced their displeasure about working in his vicinity. Even the secret service has knocked on his door due to his perceived violent and unpredictable tendencies. 

When it comes to Evans, it seems like drama is what she does best. Not only is she chock full of it herself, but those she keeps close to her do nothing but adding more insanity into the mix.