‘Teen Mom’: Will Jenelle Evans Ever Repair Her Relationship With Her Mother?

Mother-daughter relationships like Jenelle Evans and Barbara Evans in the world of showbiz can be vicious, sometimes in ways that make us cringe when in front of cameras.

In the world of reality shows, we’ve seen this become omnipresent, whether in the Kardashians universe, or other shows involving family relationships. Nowhere has it been quite as volatile than on MTV’s Teen Mom in covering the story of Jenelle Evans.

Latter’s mom, Barbara, can easily be called a saint based on what her daughter put her through over the last eight years. Barbara Evans has been the anchor in taking care of Jenelle’s kids while latter partied her life away.

Now weary watchers ponder if they’ll ever find peace as a child custody case divides them.

Does Jenelle really appreciate what her mom has done for her?

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Eight years is a long time in reality show terms to analyze a family under a microscope. We’ve all learned had it not have been for Jenelle Evans’s mom, former’s life would have been much worse than it already was. It’s possible her first child (seen in the early years of Teen Mom) could have ended up in an adoption agency or worse had it not been for Barbara Evans taking control.

All good grandmothers will take their grandchildren under their wing in dire circumstances. Somehow, Barbara Evans managed to help Jenelle’s kids grow up halfway sane amid their mother’s egregious personal activities.

As years went by, though, Jenelle started to mellow to some degree. Barbara has also stood up for her daughter when dogged by criticism. Barbara did defend her daughter after Jenelle and David Eason lost custody of their kids recently.

More recently, however, things have turned more turbulent when mother-daughter met up in person.

Jenelle and Barbara have an ugly incident in front of the courthouse

Losing custody of your kids can make anyone emotional, and it seems to have hit a boiling point with Jenelle and her mother. Since Barbara has taken custody of most of Jenelle’s kids, you can see why there were festered ill feelings.

It doesn’t help when Jenelle insists on standing up for David Eason who was directly to blame for them losing their kids in the first place. According to TMZ, Barbara did show affection for her daughter by hugging her in front of the courthouse, yet supposedly did so for the cameras only.

Other than that, they had an angry confrontation outside court due to Jenelle and David possibly never gaining their kids back.

We only hope tirades like this with her mother are temporary, because Jenelle and David are attempting marriage counseling.

The attempt to change usually brings positive results

If you can find anything good with this story, it’s that Evans and Eason are doing everything they can to abide by the judge involved in the custody case to make things better. Going to marriage therapy is the best thing they can do since it’s worked for many other notable couples.

Plus, the fact MTV removed the Easons from Teen Mom gives the couple time to go back to a normal life. Escaping from the reality show world is already removing one thick layer of insanity, even if it’s likely akin to being weaned off a drug.

Many would argue Jenelle removing herself from David and his inner circle would also be the best thing in repairing relations with Barbara. Latter seems to want the same thing, something still a point of contention.

Let’s assume marriage counseling does work. It may if it involves the kids and Jenelle’s mom eventually so all grievances bottled up for eight years can finally be resolved as a path back to reality.