‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’: What is Ashley Jones’ Net Worth?

Ashley Jones has been dealing with some difficult relationship issues lately, and that’s putting it lightly. Based on her tweets in mid-May, her breakup with ex-boyfriend Bariki Smith was challenging. However, it seems as if she’s continuing to flourish in its wake. It seems as if she might have a new love in her life. And frankly, if her bank account is anything to judge by, Ashley Jones probably doesn’t have too much to worry about, if she’s smart. So how much does the reality star really have put away?

Supporting her ex-boyfriend financially

According to Ashley Jones, it wasn’t uncommon for her to have to help finance her ex-boyfriend’s lifestyle while they were together. In a series of now-deleted tweets, Jones explosively ripped into her ex, dragging him for a variety of behaviors.

Starcasm grabbed the tweets before they were deleted. In one, Jones writes, “You sat on your a** while I busted mine. Playing fortnite on the game system I bought you for Father’s Day. Using the WiFi I paid for. You never even had the decency to tell me when you didn’t have your half of the rent.”

Jones goes on to add, “We lived in that apartment for almost a year and you paid rent 4-12 of those f**king months. Not to mention when we broke up you moved out didn’t help with the baby and didn’t help with no one bill after you busted the windows out of my car.”

According to Jones’ tweets, it seems as if Smith might have broken several of her car windows in one of their altercations. Additionally, Jones claims that while she was dealing with the death of her grandmother, Smith went out to get eyebrow tattoos.

“This b*tch a** ni**a wanna talk sh*t about me all over the internet but couldn’t even keep our daughter while I dealt with the death of my grandma and now instead of coming to get her he’s going to get a tattoo,” wrote Smith.

Looking better off?

If the previous tweets are anything to judge by, it would appear as if Smith is doing much better with her possible new boyfriend. Based on Instagram posts, it seems as if Smith may now be dating rapper 600 Breezy, real name Antonio King.

Breezy’s name has some clout, especially after Drake featured him on his More Life playlist. However, King has spent some time in jail. He was arrested in Iowa following drug raids, and spent a total of 16 months in prison.

What is Ashley Jones’ net worth?

As of 2019, Celebs Money rates Ashley Jones’ net worth at approximately $1.1 million. As a reality television star, most of her income comes from her time spent on the screen. However, Ashley Jones also has a YouTube presence where she posts vlogs, some of which could have contributed to her net worth.

It seems Jones passed up an opportunity to balloon her net worth. Jenelle Evans was recently removed from Teen Mom 2, and Jones claims she passed up an opportunity to appear on the show, essentially replacing Evans.

“They offered and I declined. I started Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant and I am comfortable there,” said Jones.