‘Teen Mom: Young Moms Club’: Ratings for the Repackaged Show Are Abysmal

MTV is trying really hard to expand the Teen Mom franchise, but it looks like Teen Mom: Young Moms Club is another false start. Back in August 2018, the network premiered a show called Pretty Little Mamas. If you don’t remember it, don’t feel bad; the show ran for just two episodes before it was yanked from the schedule. Now the same cast is back under a new moniker, but is it enough to save the concept? Insiders don’t think so. According to Starcasm, the show’s premier allegedly pulled in just 300,000 viewers.

What is Teen Mom: Young Mom’s Club about?

The newest incarnation of the wildly popular franchise will follow six friends who all had babies young, according to Us Weekly. The group, based in San Diego, have allegedly known each other for years and their current dynamic is likely to set the show apart from Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2; both shows follow young mothers who had no connection to one another before filming.

The show looks to be a mashup between Teen Mom OG and Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise, but whether or not it can pull it off remains to be seen. Before being repackaged and presented to the world as Teen Mom: Young Moms Club, the show premiered as Pretty Little Mamas. Fans were miffed by the association with Pretty Little Liars, and The Hills-style production. They hailed it as boring, fake and scripted.

Why did Pretty Little Mamas Fail?

Lasting just two episodes, Pretty Little Mamas attempted to follow the same group of friends as they tried to balance young motherhood and their aspirations. A wanna-be beauty mogul, a married young adult in financial crisis, an aspiring model who is trying to make it big while keeping her partner’s desire in mind, and a single mom hitting the dating scene were the critical elements of the show. MTV also threw in a young mother who was struggling to co-parent with her ex, while navigating a new relationship with an addict for good measure.

There was plenty of drama to go around, but viewers didn’t take the bait. Premiering with under 500,000 viewers, MTV gave the show just two episodes to succeed before pulling it. According to MTV’s twitter feed, ratings weren’t the problem. They allege that they merely felt the show would be better off if produced in the same way that Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 are.

Will Young Moms Club last longer than Pretty Little Mamas?

Because the premiere of the show failed to come close to 500,000 viewers, it is unlikely that the world is going to see too much from the six San Diego residents. MTV has given the concept all it really needs to succeed, including a prime timeslot following Teen Mom 2 and a solid advertising strategy. Considering all that, the show should have done better. It looks like fans of the Teen Mom franchise just are not buying it. 

Pretty Little Mamas was dumped after just two episodes, but it’s possible MTV will offer the newest addition to its Teen Mom franchise a bit more time to garner viewership.  According to Romper, MTV has provided information for the first two episodes of the show. The premier focused on catching fans up on what the moms have been doing since Pretty Little Mamas (spoiler alert: nothing much!). Episode two is said to focus on a health crisis, financial troubles, and a budding new relationship. Beyond that, it is anyone’s guess.