Why The New ‘Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans’ Film is So Brilliant

Ever since Teen Titans Go! Debuted on Cartoon Network in 2013, the show has drawn comparisons to its animated predecessor, Teen Titans. While both sets of Teen Titans got their own movies—in and outside of theaters—there’s a new film coming out that will make jest of the rivalry waged by fans that’s been going on all these years.

The original Teen Titans that first premiered in 2003 earned praise for its storytelling and character depth, winning over fans of Cartoon Network for several seasons. For many, it was the first introduction to the young superheroes whose abilities were comparable to their DC adult hero counterparts. Like the live-action Titans show now airing on DC Universe, it was serious, engaging, and at times, dark. As CBR points out, there’s more than meets the eye with these characters.

But the Teen Titans Go! series took things in a different direction by keeping the storylines lighthearted and silly. At times it’s poked fun at its previous version, cracking jokes about how the old characters looked and fought in the original. It’s been a hit with young kids and parents. Now, the two sets of heroes will seemingly face off against each other.

Teen Titans Go! characters
‘Teen Titans Go!’ characters | Getty Images/VALERIE MACON/AFP

What’s happening in the Teen Titans crossover

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment plans to screen the new film, Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans at Comic-Con this year. If you’ve seen both versions of the series, this is pretty cool. Fans will finally get to see their arguments settled onscreen. Or will they?

In the funny trailer, you’ll see that both Titans factions start out as foes, but they’ll have to team up to beat a common enemy: Trigon. Apparently, both versions of him have joined up. For their Comic-Con description about the movie, Warner Bros. shared this blurb:

“When the forces of evil unite from across time and dimensions, it’ll take the combined efforts of distinctly different, yet similar super hero teams to keep the universe secure in Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans.”

That means cool, brooding Robin will learn to work with cocky Robin, focused Cyborg will have to make nice with distracted Cyborg, and effervescent Starfire will get to hug it out with the fiercer version of herself. Two Beast Boys? Oh, the fun everyone will have! Could the debate be settled about which Titans are better? Probably not, but this movie will still be entertaining to watch. Fans can’t stop raving about the collaboration, rooting for their favorite version of the characters. It’s a smart move by Warner Bros. and one that’s clearly for the fans.

When the film will be released

After the success of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies last year, it was just a matter of time before audiences would get to see these heroes do something big again. Polygon notes that an appearance by the originals was teased in the end credits of the movie, and now it’s here. Although Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans won’t be in theaters as a feature film, it will be coming out as a digital, DVD, and Blu-ray release this fall.

We don’t know if this will remedy the divide between OG Teen Titan lovers and Teen Titans Go! fans, but it could be a start. For those who prefer the serious portrayals of these superheroes, you can also rejoice that Titans has been renewed for season two. There will be lots for the fandom to digest this autumn.