‘Temptation Island’: Will the Couples Stay Together on the Season Finale?

It’s been a wild ride, but we have finally reached the end of this season of Temptation Island. And from the looks of it, the finale won’t be any tamer than the rest of the season.

Temptation Island is a reality show that follows four couples as they put their love to the ultimate test: an island full of hot single people who are pretty much determined to ruin their relationships. Throughout the course of a few weeks, the individuals in the couples are sent out on dates with the singles and given copious amounts of alcohol in order to determine if their significant other is right for them.

This season has been shocking, to say the least. Couples that seemed to be the strongest have not only given in to temptation but embraced it, while couples who looked like they were hanging on by a thread at the beginning are going strong.

“I’ve learned not to be shocked by anything,” host Mark L. Walberg told us about what’s happened with the couples. “My instincts when I came on thinking I really had this handled and I knew what was up, and I mean I looked at Shari and Javen on day one and I was like you better get your alternate couple ready because I don’t think these guys are gonna make it through the night. And now, we are getting down to the end and they are looking rock solid. So, I just try to stay in the moment and keep reminding myself how much I don’t know.”

The concept of the show itself is nothing new. Temptation Island first premiered in 2001 but was canceled after three seasons before being brought back this year. The reason the show has been a hit this go around, is the cast.

“The show is almost identical in format,” Walberg said. “But reality shows rely on the stories of the cast. While the format remains the same, its completely different with every season we do because of the people chosen and that’s a variable that keeps it interesting.”

As fans have seen, several of the couples have given into tempation, but tonight will be the first night that the couples are reunited.

“The whole experience happens in a vacuum as it relates to our couples and each other so, for the finale, those who have been watching the show, and myself included and I even know the outcome, I can’t wait to see them together again.”

And so much has changed since the last time the couples saw each other.

“I think it’s going to be really apparent and interesting for the audience to see how much change has happened. They’ve all grown and if you were to compare how they look, even physically, from the first day, it changes. So I find that really interesting.”

If you think you know how this story ends, Walberg says that you should be ready to be surprised.

“I think the viewers are going to be fascinated to see these people confront each other after the journeys that they have been on,” Walberg continued. “I think the outcomes will both confirm suspicions and shock you. There’s a lot going on, a lot of drama, a few surprises. Its going to be very interesting and really really watchable.”

Part one of the Temptation Island finale airs tonight at 10 p.m.

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