Terry Crews is Clapping Back at Celebrities Who Made Fun of His Assault

In the era of the #Metoo movement, victims have been speaking out about their assaults more and more.

Actor Terry Crews joined the ranks of those speaking out in 2017, recounting his own story of assault.

He took to Twitter to describe an incident that happened at an industry event in 2016 where a male executive touched his genitals in front of his wife. He later revealed that the aggressor was prominent WME agent, Adam Venit.



Since going public, the response to Crew’s assault has been mixed.

Some people have been supportive, but others have made light of what happened.

One such person who took the incident as a joke was comedian D.L. Hughley.

In August, Hughley made a few jokes regarding the situation in an online interview with VLAD TV. The comedian said that he didn’t think it was even possible for Crews to be assaulted because of his size.

“God gave you muscles so that you can say no, and mean it,” Hughley said in the interview.

Though this interview took place months ago, Crews decided to take to Twitter over the weekend to call Hughley out.

“You told the world ‘God Gave Me Muscles So I Could Say No,'” Crews tweeted.
“Are you implying I “wanted” to be sexually assaulted? I’m listening, sir,” the tweet closed out.


Crews went on to describe how he did actually try to fight back against his assailant.

“Sir you said I should have pushed him back, or restrained him and I DID ALL THOSE THINGS… but you act like I didn’t,” he tweeted.

When Hughes did respond, it was to say that Crews hadn’t done enough.

“That’s different than slapping the shit outa him,” Hughley answered on Twitter.

Previously, Crews had tweeted that the reason that he didn’t use as much aggression as he could have in dealing with his abuser was that he was afraid of how it would be reported and that he would go to jail.

Other Celebrities

Hughes isn’t the only one who has made light of Crew’s assault.

Russell Simmons reportedly sent Crews an email asking if the WME agent accused of assaulting him ever apologized for what he did.

“Did he ever apologize,” Simmons wrote in the email. “Give the agent a pass. Ask that he be reinstated. With great love, all things are possible.”

Crews posted a picture of the email on Twitter, along with the words “no one gets a pass.”

Rapper 50 Cent also made fun of Crews by posting a meme on Instagram that showed a picture of Crews along with the words, “I got raped, my wife just watched.”

The Assault

In 2017, Crews took to Twitter to say that all of the Harvey Weinstein stories were really giving him PTSD because the same thing had happened to him.

He went on to describe the aforementioned event that took place in 2016.

Since then, Crews has filed a lawsuit against Venit and dropped WME as his agency.

In March, the prosecutors on the case decided not to charge Venit for the assault

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