Texas vs. Kansas City: Patrick Mahomes Reveals Which Has the Best BBQ

Patrick Mahomes has had a great 2020. In February, he won a Super Bowl; in July, he signed a contract extension worth more than $500 million; and in September, he got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Brittany Matthews who he is expecting his first child with. Moreover, during the past few months, the NFL quarterback has continued to lead his team to victory after victory.

Mahomes set down roots in Kansas City, Missouri, and now the burning question fans have is what the Texas native thinks of the barbecue in the city he plays for. Here’s what Mahomes said about Texas vs. Kansas City barbecue and which place he thinks has the best.

Patrick Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II | Mark Brown/Getty Images

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The BBQ Patrick Mahomes prefers

There are a few key differences between the barbecue in the Lone Star State and in Missouri’s largest city.

Kansas City typically uses the tomato and molasses-based sauces that come to mind when most people think of barbecue sauce. The side dishes are also very important to this style. Texas, on the other hand, usually has a dry rub on the meat with sauces served on the side. That type of sauce depends on the region of Texas where the food is cooked as some are bolder and spicier than others.

Long before he became a star in the Show Me State, Mahomes spent his youth in and went to college in Texas. With both places being known for great food, it was only a matter of time before the quarterback was asked: Who has the better barbecue? Mahomes revealed his answer during his weekly guest spot on KCSP 610 Sports Radio to show hosts Carrington Harrison and Sean Levine.

“There are certain things I feel like Texas does better, but as an overall BBQ, I feel like Kansas City is hard to beat,” he opined, adding, “Every time my boys come to town, they get BBQ from different spots and they agree with me. The variety, the different things, the sides, the burnt ends, all that different type of stuff that Kansas City does, it’s hard to beat it.”

Mahomes talked about his footwear too

 Patrick Mahomes II
Patrick Mahomes II | RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

As fans of Mahomes know, he has a massive sneaker collection. During the interview, the athlete was also asked about his collaboration with Adidas and the first pair of expensive kicks he purchased.  

“Just to have that type of collab (with Adidas) and have that type of shoe [is really cool],” the Chiefs’ signal caller said. “We’ll have more stuff coming out in the future, and then hopefully, I’ll have my own signature shoe soon. We’ll keep working with Adidas and keep seeing how much they’ll let me put my imprint on different things.”

As for the first pair of high-priced sneaks he bought, Mahomes stated that they were actually Yeezys.

Most Adidas Yeezys retail for upwards of $200.

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