‘Thanks a Million’: Are Jennifer Lopez and Celebrities Giving Their Own Money on Quibi’s Show?

These days, streaming platforms like Netflix and Apple TV+ are doing big business. More than ever, people all around the world are staying inside, and are turning to entertainment as a way to take their minds off of the pandemic. It is even more appealing when new shows spotlight lighthearted topics, and mobile video platform Quibi just launched one that is already getting a lot of buzz. With an attractive, heartwarming concept and big-name stars on board, Thanks a Million could be the next runaway hit. However, some fans have questions about the premise of the show, and where exactly the promised millions are coming from. 

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What is Thanks a Million about?

Quibi is relatively new to the entertainment space. The mobile video platform was launched in 2018 by founder Jeffrey Katzenberg and was officially launched in April 2020. While it is still a new product, Quibi has quite a lineup of promising shows that are set to air sometime within the year. One of the upcoming shows includes Kill the Efrons, a series starring Zac Efron and his brother. The two travel to remote places all around the world, with their journeys documented for the enjoyment of fans. 

Thanks a Million is one of the new shows already available on Quibi. A few episodes have launched, with more on the way in days to come. The premise of Thanks a Million is relatively simple — a deserving person receives money from a celebrity and then has to pass the gift on to someone else, creating a “chain” of kindness and prosperity. Jennifer Lopez starred in the first episode of the show, although each episode features a new celeb. If the producers of Thanks a Million were going for a name that truly personifies cash money, they couldn’t have chosen better than Lopez, one of the wealthiest entertainers in the business. 

What is Jennifer Lopez’s net worth?

Jennifer Lopez first rose to fame in the mid-nineties. A “triple threat” actress, dancer, and singer, Lopez has earned acclaim for her skills in nearly every facet of the entertainment business. She is a queen of romantic comedies and has appeared in some of the most popular “chick flicks” of all time, including Monster-In-Law, The Wedding Planner, and Maid in Manhattan

Even at an age when many entertainers start to slow down, Lopez is still going strong, and recently earned awards show buzz for her film Hustlers. Between her business ventures, movie and music projects, and endorsement deals, Lopez is one of the richest women in Hollywood and has a reported net worth of around $400 million

Is Jennifer Lopez giving away her own money on Thanks a Million?

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Although Jennifer Lopez might be loaded, and other celebrities featured on Thanks a Million (including Kevin Hart and Nick Jonas) are doing pretty well for themselves, they are reportedly holding tight to their funds. According to a recent PageSix report, the money divvied out to deserving people on Thanks a Million doesn’t actually come directly from the featured stars. In fact, the report claims that all the money given out in the show comes straight from Quibi founder Jeffrey Katzenberg and the rest of the show’s production team. 

Other celebrities that will make appearances on Thanks a Million include Karlie Kloss, Tracy Morgan, and Gabriel Iglesias. Even if the celebs themselves aren’t giving away the money, it is clear that viewers are desperate for good news of any sort — even if the premise is slightly deceiving.