Thanksgiving Recipes From ‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond And These 3 Top Chefs Are Sampled – Check Out the Winners

Celebrity chefs have to plan their Thanksgiving menus just like everyone else. Recipes from some of today’s top culinary icons were recently compared to see whose rose to the top for the food-laden holiday. From side dishes to the headlining turkey, meals from culinary icons Ree Drummond (aka ‘Pioneer Woman’), Ina Garten, Martha Stewart, and Alton Brown were sampled, rendering some clear winners in this edible challenge conducted by

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Best Mashed Potatoes

Sounds like an easy dish, right? But it never is. Either too lumpy or too thin, mashed potatoes have become a challenging side dish to perfect for even masters of the kitchen. When recipes of the comfort carb were tried out from Drummond, Garten, Stewart, and Brown, there was one perfect potato dish that proved to be supreme.

Rated as being creamy and lush while showing hints of richness, this chef’s mashed potatoes had a fancy, French-style flair despite taking only 30 minutes to make. Adding sour cream proves to be a winning touch, incorporating a bit of tang to the dish. Who’s the creator?

Winner: Ina Garten

Best Mac & Cheese

While it may not seem like the traditional Thanksgiving dish, tried-and-true macaroni and cheese is always a hit with young diners who tend to be a bit finicky. Yet the sumptuous side can come with conflicting ideas: how rich is too rich? Should you add breadcrumbs or go topless? The decisions are endless.

The recipe that satisfied the tasters was a tad challenging, but worth the effort. With a perfect blend of creaminess, flavor, and a bit of bubble, this mac and cheese dish included ingredients like paprika and ground mustard to give it a kick, and topped it off with some buttery breadcrumbs for some crunch.

Winner: Alton Brown

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Best Parker House Rolls

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without the bread basket. Though this winning recipe is a bit complex (as expected coming from this particular chef) the fruits of your labor will be rewarded with buttery goodness.

The use of a stand mixer can help with any dough dilemmas, or you can knead by hand. Baking time for the rolls may vary from 30 to 40 minutes, where the recipe calls for an immediate sprinkling of salt once they come out of the oven. Brushing these brilliant bread buns with butter before and after baking adds a bit of decadence. Always nothing but the best from this chef,

Winner: Martha Stewart

Best pie crust

The crust for this favorite dessert never turns out to be easy as pie. Whether it’s for pumpkin, apple, or cherry, mastering the crust creation can challenge even the best of chefs. From dough splitting and thinning to issues with dryness, the nest of the pie can be riddled with obstacles.

The recipe from this culinary queen seems to solve any pie problems. With a perfect combo of butter and shortening that makes for an easy-rolling dough, the required bit of sugar adds flavor and a bit of brown. With detailed instructions, even an amateur can master this crust.

Winner: Ina Garten

Best Turkey

While some of the vegan and vegetarian persuasion forego the protein star, many believe no Thanksgiving meal is complete without a turkey. Despite a seemingly easy meat to make, this form of poultry has challenged even seasoned chefs (pardon the pun). Whether it’s undercooking the bird or drying the meat, the Thanksgiving centerpiece can be a bit tricky.

This chef introduces a dry brine to be used for the turkey, which can be applied up to two days in advance. The dry brine tends to be quicker and saves you from finding a huge container that wet brines require. The recipe calls for stuffing the bird with onion, lemon, and thyme, adding to the flavor. This turkey does not need to be basted every 30 minutes, which allows the oven door to remain closed and prevents cooking delays. The result is a perfectly roasted, moist turkey that will grace any Thanksgiving table.

Winner: Ina Garten (again!)

Try some of the recipes for your own Thanksgiving table!