That’ Captain America Moment In ‘Endgame’ Would Have Made More Sense With This 1 Change

Most Marvel fans can argue that Avengers: Endgame was about as perfect as it could possibly be, even if you’ll always find a few who think some scenes had room for second thoughts.

Anyone who spends time looking at Marvel threads on Reddit already knows how many fans chime in there to either geek out or wish Marvel had done something differently in specific films. One recent thread asked fans what they would have done differently had they directed Endgame.

A variety of responses ranged from a Hulk vs. Thanos rematch to Steve Rogers using Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit. In relation to Captain America, there is one thing some fans wished he would have done at the end to give a more compelling feel to a famous line he uttered.

The famous “Avengers Assemble” battle cry

Chris Evans onstage
Chris Evans | Mat Hayward/Getty Images

During the finale of Endgame, every viewer remembers Cap uttering the line “Avengers Assemble” despite doing so under his breath. The point was, clearly, he was saying it to the audience as a form of breaking the fourth wall without necessarily looking at the camera.

Others say his utterance doesn’t really make sense since the point would have been to utter the phrase so the rest of the Avengers could hear it. After all, this phrase is one we’ve heard yelled proudly at numerous times in the MCU franchise. At a critical moment of fighting against Thanos, many online (including on Quora) wonder if the other Avengers heard Cap say the line.

Some say no doubt a few Avengers did, though others say it was merely a bookend moment to bring things full circle, including Tony Stark uttering “I am Iron Man” 11 years earlier.

What difference would it have made had Cap yelled it out? On Reddit, you’ll see just how much fans wished it would have become a rebel yell.

At one time, there was intention to not utter “Avengers Assemble” again

All MCU fans remember when Steve Rogers uttered the iconic line in Age of Ultron, with the last line cut off. When mentioned on-set this was going to happen, Chris Evans was reportedly stunned the “Assemble!” line wouldn’t be uttered. There was a full strategy in place on this from writer Joss Whedon, who clearly had different ideas from Kevin Feige.

Whedon thought it would be effective to cut the line off at the end of Age of Ultron to bring a larger sense of foreboding. By the time Endgame happened, Feige was in full control and made sure the full line was in there.

Nevertheless, what would have happened had Cap yelled “Avengers Assemble!!!” like an ancient warrior? Perhaps one can argue his utterance under his breath was more out of respect, if also a nod to the fans.

When also placing into perspective that Cap was about to time-travel back to the past and reunite with Peggy Carter, he maybe didn’t want to look too adamant he’d be sticking around.

Some Marvel fans say he deserved to use the Avengers battle cry

The basic consensus was those who uttered “Avengers Assemble!!!” could only do so if they were truly worthy of saying it. A few sources compiled lists of those who they thought would say it in Endgame.

Interestingly enough, Cap came in at No. 2 on one list compiled last April on Atom Tickets. According to them, Cap was one of the true good guys from the beginning, outside of needing to learn a few things before joining the Avengers team.

Considering he was frozen in ice for six decades and somehow managed to coalesce with a new group of superheroes in the 21st century, it was further proof those who lived in the 1940s had a wider perspective on ethics.

Hopefully we can hear Cap yell “Avengers Assemble!” again if he’s ever revived, or just a rebel yell from old man Steve Rogers.