The 1 Asset Gabriel Iglesias Required When Casting ‘Mr. Iglesias’

Gabriel Iglesias, AKA Fluffy, is one of today’s most well-known comedians. Though he’s accustomed to entertaining fans via stand-up routines, the comedian is also quite the actor, and now leads a sitcom, Mr. Iglesias, alongside the former host of The View Sherri Shepherd, Richard Gant, and Oscar Nunez. 

'Mr. Iglesias' Cast
Jacob Vargas, Oscar Nunez, Maria Quezada, Sherri Shepherd, Gabriel Iglesias, Maggie Geha, Cree Cicchino, Richard Gant, Gloria Aung and (L-R bottom row) Coy Stewart and Fabrizio Guido | Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix

While he may not be snagging an Oscar any time soon, Iglesias holds his own on the Netflix original Mr. Iglesias – a show that is not only funny but also socially and culturally relevant. Mr. Iglesias focuses on a good-natured high school teacher, portrayed by Gabriel Iglesias, who tries to help gifted, yet underprivileged, students reach their full academic potential. 

‘Mr. Iglesias:’ a heartwarming show with a great cast 

The show is heartwarming and poignant, illustrating the difficulties some kids struggle with that others will never understand. However, the show never veers into melancholy or becomes politically aggressive; it delicately walks that line, staying true to its sitcom nature.  

Gabriel Iglesias leads the show, while Sherri Shepherd portrays the principal and Gant plays an English teacher. Maggie Geha (The Harrow, Gotham) and Jacob Vargas (Jarhead, Death Race) play fellow history teachers alongside Iglesias.

Cree Cicchino (Game Shakers) and Fabrizio Zacharee Guido (World War Z, Welcome to the Family) play two of Mr. Iglesias’ students. Christopher McDonald (Happy Gilmore, Thelma & Louise) plays Coach Dixon – a man who walks around with whiskey in his water jug and puts sports before academics. 

The cast matters a great deal to Gabriel Iglesias, for he was a major part of the selection process; he wanted to guarantee one thing when selecting each person he would work alongside in the Netflix original.

Gabriel Iglesias wanted to guarantee he “was surrounded by people” he “got along with” for ‘Mr. Iglesias’

During an interview with Vulture, Gabriel Iglesias explained that talent wasn’t necessarily his top priority when it came to casting Mr. Iglesias. When asked if he was involved in the casting, Gabriel Iglesias stated:

“That definitely I was. That was my cup of tea all day. I wanted to make sure that I was surrounded by people that, first of all, I got along with, you know? Forget that if they’re good at what they do. I was more so like, “Can I get along with people?” ‘Cause if I can’t get along with people, it’s not gonna go over well. I have to be in a really positive, just chill environment. I’m not a fan of drama, and I work way too hard to be dealing with drama.”


Gabriel Iglesias seemed to have one requirement: can he work with you? While talent is essential, Gabriel Iglesias wanted to avoid drama at all costs. Thus, the one asset he demanded from his cast members: they would be able to aid in the creation of the positive environment he wished to establish on-set. 

How Gabriel Iglesias helped maintain positive energy on the set of ‘Mr. Iglesias’

While hiring a cast that was easy to get along with was his first bright move, Gabriel Iglesias had another trick up his sleeve for keeping people happy: he fed them. He explained to Vulture:

“…We had food trucks. I firmly believe that if you feed people, they’re more likely to be happy. So I’d always make sure that we’d have food trucks there on the night before the shoot and the night of the shoot.”

Start with a cast that wants to have fun, then add food. How could it go wrong from there? When it comes to Mr. Iglesias, you can sense the chemistry between the cast members; they seem to be having fun, which is essential for a successful comedy show.