The 1 Big Question ‘The X-Files’ Has to Answer in Season 11

Season 11 of The X-Files has recently been confirmed, and die-hard fans are excited to believe once again. But as all true fans know, with each season comes a new helping of unanswered questions.

The Season 10 finale left viewers wanting more answers than ever before. Here are the mysteries we want solved in Season 11, ranked from the least important up to the biggest question of all.

7. Who will be back?

Agents Miller and Einstein stand in front of a laptop

Agents Miller and Einstein in Season 10 of The X-Files | Fox

With the anticipation of Season 11, we can’t help but wonder who from the original cast will be returning. We didn’t exactly expect to see the Cigarette-Smoking Man come back from the dead, so it seems just about anyone is fair game. So far, it seems we can only say with certainty that David Duchovny as Mulder, Gillian Anderson as Scully, and series creator Chris Carter (as executive producer) will be back.

It’s also probably safe to assume that agents Miller and Einstein will be back for at least the beginning of Season 11 since they were involved in the Season 10 finale.

6. What about the alien colonization plan?

Mulder and Scully walk on grass in front of a car

We have some questions about the alien colonization plan. | Fox

OK, let’s dive right into the questions viewers need to be answered come Season 11. As all X-Files fans know, the alien colonization plan was a huge plot point throughout most of the show (and one movie). Of course, we later learned that Mulder concluded the entire thing could be chalked up to the government trying to throw the investigators off the scent of what they were really planning — harming the civilian population.

So the alien colonization never happened, but it seems a little suspicious to build such a major plot point up for over nine seasons and then sweep it under the rug. We bet we haven’t seen the last of the alien colonization.

5. Shouldn’t Mulder have been immune to the virus?

Mulder stands and looks ahead in a blue shirt with red tie

Fans are wondering about Mulder’s immunity to the virus. | Fox

During the finale of Season 10, the Spartan virus was ravaging the human population. Thankfully, only those with purely human DNA were affected by the virus. Scully underwent extensive experimentation during her time with the X-Files, so she was immune and able to create a vaccine using her own blood.

We know from the end of Season 6 that Mulder also had alien DNA in his blood, so why wasn’t he immune to the virus? The Season 10 finale would have ended quite differently if he had been. Hopefully, in Season 11, we’ll find out why that is.

4. Is Scully really immortal?

Scully stands in a black blazer

Is Scully really immortal? | Fox

There are hints throughout the show that Scully could be immortal. The first (and perhaps most important) time we hear about Scully’s immortality is when she speaks to a man who can predict how people will die. When she asks him how she’ll die, he replies, “You don’t.”

If Season 11 is going to be the last of The X-Files, we can only hope to learn definitively whether Scully is really immortal or not, and why.

3. Is the Spartan virus really cured?

Scully and Mulder stand across from each other

Scully will be facing some huge problems in Season 11. | Fox

Though we know Scully came up with a cure (thanks to her alien DNA blood), the Spartan virus had reached a global scale by the Season 10 finale. Not to mention, an alien spaceship began hovering above her so, we can assume, the cure for the virus might have to be put on hold for just a minute.

Spaceships aside, how is Scully going to cure the whole world before too much of the population suffers?

2. What’s going to happen with the spaceship?

A light shines down on two figures

Season 10 left off with this major cliffhanger. | Fox

The Season 10 finale ended with a spaceship shining a bright light on Scully, hovering above her head. Of course, the episode ended before we could find out who’s inside and what their intentions were.

Was it the aliens finally ready to begin their colonization? Were they coming to help end the Spartan virus? Was it the government?Here’s hoping we find out right away with the first episode of Season 11.

1. What’s going to happen with Scully’s long-lost son?

Mulder sits on a couch with his arm around a young boy

Scully and Mulder both imagined what life would have been like with William. | Fox

Viewers are dying to know, perhaps even more than who is in the spaceship, what’s the deal with William? Scully’s (and we now know Mulder’s) son, William, has been quite the mystery since the show’s conception. We’re not exactly sure how or when he was conceived, or what ever happened to him.

We do know that at the end of Season 10, Scully vows to find him so that his stem cells can save Mulder from the virus. Upon their meeting in Season 11, we hope we get some of these long-awaited questions answered.

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