The 1 ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Contestant Who’s Scored Lower Than Sean Spicer

When ABC announced Sean Spicer would appear on Season 28 of Dancing With the Stars, the network received plenty of pushback. In fact, it began with none other than DWTS host Tom Bergeron himself.

Bergeron, in a statement on Twitter, said he’d hoped the show “would be a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate” but had to accept ABC’s decision to “go in a different direction” re: Spicer. Obviously, Bergeron didn’t get his wish.

What’s more, fans of the show have been left wondering about the point of Spicer’s appearance. We’ve seen political figures who’ve resigned amid scandal (e.g., Tom Delay) and those who exited as minor laughingstocks (e.g., Rick Perry), but none quite as minor as Spicer.

So, given that Spicer is no star, he basically had to win over the audience via his dancing. After three poor performances, it’s clear that won’t happen. Yet there’s actually been one celebrity who’s scored lower than Spicer this season on DWTS.

Spicer actually scored worse than the now-eliminated Mary Wilson.

DANCING WITH THE STARS – Sean Spicer spent Week 3 underwhelming judges and audience alike. | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

DWTS rolled out some new voting rules this season and audiences don’t exactly love the changes. When you look at the scoring from the first two weeks, you understand why.

In the first week, Mary Wilson (of Supremes fame) scored a 17 for her dance with partner Brandon Armstrong. While their score wasn’t the best, it ranked higher than six other couples (Spicer included). After her second dance (scored a 15), Wilson still had a higher tally (30) than Spicer (28).

So did Ray Lewis (32), the former NFL star had to exit the show due to injury. (Wilson departed with Lewis after the second week.) Still, Spicer didn’t have the absolute lowest scores for his dances through two weeks.

That distinction belonged to Lamar Odom, the former Lakers forward who turned up on reality TV after marrying Khloe Kardashian. Though it’s close, Odom has danced even worse than Spicer on the show.

Lamar Odom has averaged 11.7 over his first 3 dances.

DANCING WITH THE STARS – Lamar Odom has the lowest score through 3 weeks of Season 28. | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

When Spicer made his entrance banging on bongos prior to his salsa dance (scored a 12), judge Bruno Tonioli said he looked as if he were being “attacked by a swarm of wasps.” After Spicer’s Saturday Night Fever cha-cha (a 15), judge Len Goodman described it as “Monday Night Lukewarm.”

But Odom’s scores actually came in below those putrid marks. For his opening-night Foxtrot, Odom and Peta Murgatroyd scored an 11. Odom’s week-two salsa (a 12) didn’t make a much better impression on the judges. The couple’s cha-cha on September 30 (another 12) didn’t move the needle at all.

However, horrendous dancing doesn’t mean you’ll be bounced off the show in a season’s opening weeks. If it did, we would no longer be talking about Lamar Odom or Sean Spicer. Still, we imagine the end will come soon enough for both contestants.

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